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Mike Myers to Make 4th Austin Powers Movie, 'Kate Plus 8' Cancellation, and Sharon Osbourne to Leave "The Talk"


Mike Myers to do a Fourth Austin Powers MovieMike Myers to do a fourth Austin Powers movie. Photo: www.thedailystab.com

Mike Myers has been keeping a pretty low profile lately.  Although we’ve heard him in the Shrek franchise, he’s avoided live action for the last few years.

He’s probably trying to stay out of the limelight since writing and starring in 2008’s box office bomb “The Love Guru.”  Although he may have redeemed himself a little bit with his bit role in 2009’s “Inglourious Basterds.”

Anyhoo…Myers is back and it looks like he’s bringing Austin Powers back with him. It’s been a whopping 9 years since Austin Powers made us all horny.  But, after long, drawn-out negotiations with New Line Cinema, the actor has agreed to bring the Man of Mystery back to the big screen for the fourth time.

It seems that New Line Cinema has been wanting to make another Austin Powers movie for quite some time.  But, for some reason, Myers was dragging his feet.  Now the deal is closed and Myers is set to write and produce the latest movie.
Unfortunately, it’s too early in the game to know anything about the movie other than it’s happening.  We’ll have to keep you posted on that…

Kate Plus 8 Gets Canceled

Kate Gosselin has been pretty darned lucky.  A TLC reality special chronicling the life of her extra large family managed to land her a weekly series that has run for a pretty long time.  And, even after her very public split with hubby Jon Gosselin, she bounced back to keep the show going without him.

But, it looks like her luck has finally run out (and this only counts towards her TV show, and not her disastrous run on “Dancing with the Stars”).

Kate Plus 8”, the spin-off of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” has been cancelled.

The show’s current season just premiered last week, but it has already been announced that the last episode will air on September 18th.  Before the show ends, it will reach a milestone of 150 episodes.  

Things may not be completely over between Gosselin and TLC.  The network has announced that they hope to periodically check in with the family for future specials.

Sharon Osbourne Leaving "The Talk"

It’s only been a few weeks since fans of “The Talk” were worried about a cast shake up.  Sharon Osbourne gave everyone a scare when she announced she’s be leaving the show for a bit to focus on her rocker hubby.

Although fans probably thought they could rest easy after finding out that Osbourne would be returning to the hit daytime talk show, they were wrong.

It has recently been announced that Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, and Osbourne would be returning for the show’s second season.  But, as of right now, Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini may not be joining their co-hosts.

The former “21 Jump Street” and “The King of Queens” stars haven’t been asked to return to the show, although the other three already have been.

There’s still time for them to be asked to stay.  But, as of right now it isn’t looking too good.I guess we’ll just to wait and see who’s sitting at the table when season two’s first episode airs

Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites.  She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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Austin Powers photo: www.thedailystab.com