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Ryan Gosling a hero, Nick Cannon attempts World Record, and Rapper Lil Wayne injured


Ryan Gosling a hero

Ryan Gosling is a hero.  And not in a movie.  In real life!

So, here’s what happened.

Two men in NYC’s East Village were fighting over a painting.  One of the men swore he paid for it.  The other disagreed.  Of course, a fight ensued.

Gosling, who must have been doing a little shopping nearby, saw the fight and stepped in to break it up.  He set down his bag, held back and had some words with the fight’s aggressor, and managed to calm everyone down.  

The best part is the whole thing was caught on tape.

After playing the part of good Samaritan, Gosling picked up his bag and went on his merry way.

Way to go, Ryan Gosling! With all the actors and actresses who are constantly in the news for doing something wrong, it’s nice to finally hear about an actor who did something right!



Nick Cannon attempts World Record

You’d think being a dad to newborn twins and the host of America’s Got Talent would be enough to keep Nick Cannon occupied.  But, apparently he had some extra time on his hands and, instead of spending it with his family, he decided to try and earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Really?  Yes, really.

On August 19th the actor/host attempted to break the current record for the most hugs a person gives in an hour. The current record is set as 1,749 hugs. That is seriously a lot of hugs!

Cannon took on the challenge at Citi Field right before that night’s baseball game.  He gave out team shirts to anyone who came out for hugs.  The first 100 even got tickets to the game!  Lil Wayne photo: www.myspacelayout.eu

To make the event even more interesting, WowWee’s Paper Jamz donated a toy for each hug to the Mets Care Room at Queens’ New York Hospital. Awwww…

There’s no word yet on whether or not he beat the record.



Lil Wayne injured

Did you know that Lil Wayne isn’t just a platinum-selling rapper?  Apparently he’s also a skateboarder.  And not a very good one at that considering his recent injury.

Weezy was rushed to the emergency room at St. Louis’ DePaul Health Center after he fell off his skateboard and hit his head.

The rapper had just finished a concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater and must have decided to do a little boarding in a nearby park, a decision he probably regrets considering the gash he managed to give himself.

After getting patched, he updated his fans via a tweet:  “The Lou was good but I busted by fuggin head at the sk8park!  9stitches!  Gnarly gash over my left eye!  Luv the people.”
Lil Wayne’s set to perform at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.

Hopefully the cut will have healed some before then!

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Gosling photo: www.askmen.com

Lil Wayne photo: www.myspacelayout.eu