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Lady Gaga Visits the Britney Spears - Nicki Minaj Concert in Atlantic City


The pop princess is back as she took her seat on the throne at historic Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. It was just a few years ago, when Britney Britney SpearsSpears made headlines around the world as millions watched her life spiral out of control. But all that is behind her as the mother of two is currently on her Femme Fatale Tour  and attracting a lot of attention.

Over the weekend, the 29-year-old let everyone know, “It’s Britney, bitch” as she performed her hits for fans. Caesars in Atlantic City  presented the concert, which also welcomed rising star Nicki Minaj. The pair proved to be a winning combination.

Spears opened the show in a white and silver sequined bodysuit singing “Hold It Against Me” on a descending platform. After strutting on stage and performing her signature dance moves Spears took off her jacket and sat in a chair that disappeared below the stage.

Numerous costume changes followed throughout the night, as the Grammy Award winning recording artist sang songs from the “Femme Fatale,” “Circus,” and “Blackout,” albums. With a rainbow of lights flashing on stage; Spears performed on top of a car, popped out of a speaker, revealed some sexy choreography in a cage, and soared above the crowd on a platform. Some fan favorites included “Up N’ Down,” “Gimme More,” “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know,”  “S&M,” “Womanizer,” “Baby One More Time”I’m A Slave 4 U,” Toxic,” and “Till The World Ends.”

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It wasn’t a surprise that Spears’ vocals were backed, even auto-tuned and at some points completely lip synced. However, her diehard fans didn’t seem to mind as they sang along and danced in their seats happy to have the chance to see their idol.

About halfway through the concert Spears made an announcement, “I have a very special guest tonight,” she said provoking cheers and applause before continuing, “Lady Gaga is here!”  The crowd went crazy and immediately scanned the hall to find the pop icon.

The spotlight hit Gaga (who kicked off her 2011 tour in Atlantic City) as Spears pointed to her on the video platform in the center of the venue. Nicki MinajSpears then clasped her hands together and nodded her head down thanking her for coming, prompting Mother Monster to place her hands out in front of her as she motioned a bowing down gesture twice to Spears. Later, Gaga was spotted with a drink in her hand—even standing up and dancing during the concert.

The high energy evening included lots of fancy footwork from Spears’ backup dancers and was ignited by Minaj’s explosive 35 minute set.

Known for her outlandish ensembles and multiple personas, Minaj wore one of her trademark oversized blonde wigs as her alter-ego, “Roman.” The rap and R&B artist delighted patrons as she intensely rapped into her sparkly pink microphone. Minaj powerfully nailed her set which included current hits “Roman’s Revenge,” Where Them Girls At?”   “Moment 4 Life,” “Your Love,” “Monster,” and “Super Bass.”          

Over a decade ago when Spears first burst onto the scene, it didn’t take long for fans to notice her as she quickly moved up the ranks and dominated the music scene.

Even now, after dealing with personal issues and tabloid drama; the pop superstar still has a huge following that loves to see her do it again

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Photo Credit: Tom Briglia at PhotoGraphics Photography