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Labor Day Weekend: Easy Ways to Save from Kristen Hagopian


“If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend.” – Doug Larson

Yup, this fast-moving summer is winding down and another autumn is right around the corner – it’s time to take that one day out of the year to celebrate our labors with a day built just for us.   With gas prices finally coming down a bit, more Americans are looking a bit further away on the map for a fun destination to create some Labor Day memories.  Camping is always a fun Labor Day Activity: Photo: www.tsa.gov

Wherever you wind up, always remember: there’s no better way to pay homage to Labor Day than to find a way to enjoy it without spending a lot of money!  Read on for some fabulously frugal Labor Day activities that will help you enjoy the weekend without breaking the bank.

Labor Day Frugal Fun Idea #1: CAMPING!  Keep it easy and inexpensive by renting a camper or tent from a reputable source (better yet, borrow one from a friend!) and spend some time away from all of the trappings of labor this Labor Day.  And need I say it: Leave the laptop at home!  It simply does not compute compared to the gorgeous solitude of a beautiful campsite.  Leave the computer games at home and instead try a sharpened stick filled with marshmallows roasted over the first campfire of the season to relax. 
Labor Day Frugal Fun Idea #2:  Labor Day weekend means a three-day break for many, so take advantage of it with activities you wouldn’t think to try on a regular two-day weekend.  Take one full day to enjoy a local art museum, take a long hike at a nearby trail, hit a local winery for a tour, linger thru a fabulous festival, or host your own full-day barbeque.  The sky is the limit!
Labor Day Frugal Fun Idea #3: Apple picking at your local orchard.  It’s harvest time at many local orchards, and regardless of weather, the vast majority of local growers are offering great deals during Labor Day weekend to entice families to come out and relieve them of their extra produce, often at tremendous discounts!  So grab your biggest apple picking bags, load up, and bring them on home to create every single apple dish you’ve ever loved.Apple orchard photo: www.bellafrutteto.com  Pies, Strudels, compotes, sauces, side dishes, you name it, it tastes all the sweeter when the apples you use in it are easily 75% off the price of retail. 
Labor Day Frugal Fun Idea #4:  Yes, I’m saying it – you have permission to eat out.  Now, those who know me rarely hear me endorsing the idea of eating out.  However, national holidays over long three-day weekends have their own special rules, especially when there are specials galore at restaurants everywhere this holiday weekend.  Half price deals, BOGO’s, family specials, the deals are everywhere – check out newspaper ads, online coupons and more.  Take a look at your favorite restaurants first and choose the deals that will suit your family best. 
Above all else, remember that Labor Day weekend is about relaxing, kicking back, and forgetting about work for a while.  The less you spend, the less actual labor you’ll have to expend to make up for it.  Keep with the spirit of the holiday by enjoying the weekend in a way that will keep the fruits of your labors right in your pocket, where they belong. 

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Kristen Hagopian is a Motivational Speaker, Columnist & Author of Brilliant Frugal Living. Catch more money-saving tips via radio (or livestream!) when she hosts “The Brilliant Frugal Living Show” every Tuesday at 11A on Philadelphia’s WFYL 1180am (www.1180wfyl.com)!  Her book is available at www.BrilliantFrugalLiving.com

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Camping photo: www.tsa.gov

apple photo: www.bellafrutteto.com