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Nicole Miller's Red Carpet Interview with Philly2Philly.com


As a very young girl, I recognized my burning passion for fashion.  I was born with it; it is in my DNA. I am certain that my blood type is structured handbags and platform peep toe pumps.  Nicole Miller photos courtesy of James Connor Photography.

My dream was to be a runway model. Every Saturday morning, I would anxiously wait to watch my favorite television show, “Style with Elsa Klensch.”  I was captured by the beautiful clothes and models that would walk the runway as well as Elsa Klensch’s individual style and expertise as a producer/host.  

I grew to be all of 5’4” and with little opportunity in life, at that time, the catwalk quickly turned into the sidewalk but my dream never died.  It just needed to be revisited, restored and revised for a later time so that I could provide you with lots of Fashionspiration.     

On September 12, 2011, I celebrated my birthday “in style” with the start of the fall 2011 fashion season and The Philadelphia Collection.  The Philadelphia Collection is a spectacular 10-day “preview and sneak peek” into all that is fashion and beauty in Philadelphia.

Check out James Connor's  Photo Gallery on the right side of the page. 

Philadelphia Style Magazine was celebrating its 2011 fall fashion cover issue and fall collection of a Philadelphia favorite…fashion designer, Nicole Miller
Miller is known for her “artful draping and figure flattering silhouettes,” which are a constant favorite.  

I had the opportunity for a “red carpet” interview with Nicole Miller where I asked her the following questions for all of my Colour Palettes:Photo courtesy of James Connor Photography.


Laini:  I write to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to live their dreams.  When did you realize your desire to be a fashion designer?

Nicole Miller: I always knew.

Laini:  Your designs are unique works of art and celebrate your creativity and strength.  Where do you draw your inspiration?

Nicole Miller:  The world is such a big place.  It truly comes from everywhere.

Laini:  As a native Philadelphian, I am so pleased that there are two Nicole Miller boutiques in our area.  Why did you choose Philadelphia?

Nicole Miller:  I like Philly very much and I have always had the support of my friend, Mary K. Dougherty.  (The beloved Mary K. Dougherty owns and operates two Nicole Miller boutiques in our area.)

Laini:  Mary, you are such an inspiration to so many women.

Mary K. Dougherty:  Thank you…I believe we are all in this together.  (Music to my ears!)  

The celebration continued at another favorite, The Palm Restaurant, with the unveiling of Nicole Miller’s Philadelphia Style Magazine cover issue caricature etched on the wall of The Palm.

We all experience defining moments.  Moments that are unexpected that alter the course of our thoughts and our lives; and moments that unlock the true desires of our soul to become our Back Story.  The significance in these moments is how we choose to live, dream, and celebrate them in our time capsule of life from Catwalk to Sidewalk.

I write to inspire everyday, hardworking, multitasking women of all ages and backgrounds to live their dreams.  Let me style you and inspire you.
With fashionable gratitude,

Laini Bianculli – The Style Maestro
Your Colour Palette by: Laini



A special thank you to the beautiful Kaitlyn McCrea.
* All photos are courtesy of James Connor Photography.  

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