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Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Recap: "The Birthday"


In last week’s season premiere episode, The Birthday, season 3 kicked off with a bang as the gang celebrated Elena’s 18th birthday.

In the opening scene, Klaus compelled a young woman to get information on the location of a werewolf he has been searching for. After Klaus got what he needed, he ordered Stefan to murder the girl (and her friend) and Stefan followed through.Vampire Diaries pics courtesy of CW.

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline was planning Elena’s birthday party and spending more time with her ‘friend,' Tyler. Tyler and Caroline discussed their heightened libidos as well as the fact that everyone else believed they were dating even though they were ‘just friends.'

However, when Tyler brought a date to Elena’s party, Caroline was extremely jealous and finally decided to act on her feelings for her werewolf buddy. The two had very steamy supernatural sex but Caroline left before Tyler woke up and was confronted by Tyler’s mom. Instead of chastising Caroline for sleeping with her son, Mrs. Lockwood shot her. Apparently, Mrs. Lockwood knew more than she let on.

In other news, Jeremy was stilling having visions of his dead girlfriends and It was beginning to effect his new job at the Grill. Though Jeremy talked to Bonnie (who was away visiting family) he did not tell her about his visions but chose to confide in Matt instead. Unfortunately, Matt did not realize the seriousness of Jeremy’s confession and brushed off Jeremy’s visions as something that happens to everyone after they lose a loved one.

Without telling Elena, Damon and Alaric were still following leads on Klaus and Stefan. They tracked down a tip that led them to Stefan’s latest kills, which Damon recognized by Stefan’s ‘Ripper’ signature. While Damon was on their trail, Stefan and Klaus found the werewolf they had been hunting and Klaus made Stefan torture him in an attempt to find out where the rest of his pack was. Apparently, Klaus will stick to his plan to create more hybrids.Vampire Diaries pics courtesy of CW.

Stefan’s werewolf torture session was interrupted by news that Damon was getting closer to finding them, so Stefan told Klaus he would ‘take care’ of his brother. In order to get to Damon, Stefan went after Andie (Damon’s ‘fake, compelled girlfriend’.)

When Damon and Stefan came face-to-face, Stefan told Damon he did not need to be saved and Damon should let him go. To prove his point, Stefan forced Andie to jump to her death. (And the show increased its body-count with yet another innocent young woman. Does anyone want to guess how many more people will be sacrificed by season’s end?)

After killing Andie, Stefan returned to Klaus just as he promised. Klaus was pleased with Stefan’s show of loyalty but he did not believe Stefan had cut all ties with Damon because you never stop caring about family. (Tell that to poor Elijah!) Stefan watched as Klaus fed their werewolf captive his blood, and then broke his neck to start the process of creating his first hybrid follower.

During her party, Elena discovered Damon’s secret search but when she confronted him, Damon told Elena that Stefan, not Klaus, was the one committing the murders he had been tracking. Damon also told Elena that Stefan was gone and would not return, at least in her lifetime. But later that night, Stefan called Elena, who assured him that he would be okay as long as he held onto their love. (And Stefan/Elena fans everywhere clung to the belief that love could concur all and bring the real Stefan back. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.)

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