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'All My Children' ends, Charlie Sheen’s comeback, and John Travolta's stolen car


'All My Children' over and 'One Life to Live' ending soon'All My Children's' Susan Lucci. Photo: www.socialmediaseo.net

'All My Children' ended it's daytime run Friday  and One Life to Live will also be leaving TV’s afternoon line-up soon. But, they won’t be gone forever.

Thanks to Prospect Park, fans can continue following their fave soaps online.

The production and media company acquired the soaps and plans to have them continue online even after their respective finales air on ABC.  If the company can close a deal they’re currently working on, the soaps may also air on a cable network.  But, nothing has been decided as of yet.

The company recently announced that several OLTL stars, including Ted King, Kassie dePaiva, and Erika Slezak, have decided to continue their roles on their show’s online counterpart.

Now announcements are being made about who will continue on with AMC.  So far it looks like Lindsay Hartley and Cameron Mathison are on board.  It’ll be interesting to see who else is in. There is still no word on what the future holds for show cornerstone Susan Lucci.

Charlie Sheen’s ComebackCharlie Sheen photo: http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/4589940.bin?size=620x400

Charlie Sheen’s back in the media, this time in a somewhat positive light, thanks to his recent roast. And Ashton Kutcher has been getting a lot of press due to his 'Two and a Half Men'  debut.

But, it looks like Jon Cryer is the one who’s truly winning, considering he has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The actor’s name is emblazoned on the Walk’s 2,449th star.  Angus T. Jones, Kutcher, and Chuck Lorre were among those present with the actor received the honor.

During his speech, Cryer recognized Sheen and thanked Lorre and Lee Aronshon for their help with the show and it’s troubles. Cryer has been around since 1984, when he made his debut on 'No Small Affair'.  Although he’s now known for his role as the socially awkward brother on 'Men,' he’s probably best known as Duckie from 'Pretty in Pink.'

John Travolta’s troublesJohn travolta in 'Pulp Fiction.' Photo: www.lunkiandsika.wordpress.com

Celebrities are usually thought of as living a golden life. Some do. But most have problems just like everyone else. 

Like John Travolta.

The fame he’s earned by being in films like Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Pulp Fiction didn’t stop him from tragically losing a son a few years back.  And now his fame didn’t help when his car was stolen practically from under his nose.

The actor stopped at a Jaguar dealership in Santa Monica to do a little shopping. While there, a ballsy thief managed to drive away in Travolta’s classic Mercedes.

The 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL was taken in the 10 minutes that Travolta spent doing a little car shopping.

The car, which is estimated as being worth between $50,000 and $100,000, has been reported stolen. So far it hasn’t been found.

Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites.  She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

Contact Valerie at writerval@comcast.net

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