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Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Premiere Recap: Nucky Protects Chalky from the Klan


Season 2 of HBO's Boardwalk Empire kicked off with a bang on Sunday night. After a somewhat lackluster season 1 finale, the season 2 premiere did not disappoint.

Executive Producer and Co-creator Terence Winter made it a point to illustrate how the various characters are all unfufilled.

Last season we were left with many developing storylines, which set the wheels in motion for what will surely be a high-octane season 2. From Van Alden knocking up Lucy, to the Commodore's distaste for Nucky, to Capone's rise up the foodchain - there is much on the horizon for Atlantic City.

Chalky Takes Out a Klansmen

Not 10 minutes into the premiere do we see plenty of bloodletting. Chalky hears a knock on the door then sees one of his men barely standing with his throat slit. He drops to the ground and several KKK goons open fire upon his warehouse, taking out several of his men, including a woman. Chalky nearly has his head blown off when one of the Klan members gets shot.

While they head off into the distance, Chalky takes one of them out. This turns into a major problem for not just Chalky, but Nucky and Eli.

Nucky, in true Nucky-fashion, plays both sides of the fence by telling the black community at a town hall meeting that there will be justice.  He then addresses the Klan and tells them that they will pursue the perpetrator behind the death of a loving father and teacher, who also happens to be a racist pig. When the s**t hits the fan, Nucky tells Eli to arrest Chalky for his own good. Otherwise he'll be lynched by the Klan, as Nucky told Chalky. In all reality, Nucky is the only thing keeping him from suffering that fate.

At the same time, Nucky needs Chalky for many reasons. He gets the votes of African Americans because of Chalky. Moreover, Chalky is also good for business.

Jimmy and Nucky Catch up

Nucky and Jimmy catch up for the first time in a while at the funeral of the Klan member. Nucky knows that The Commodore is up to something and asks Jimmy to tell him what's on his mind. Jimmy isn't having any of it though...not now. This impending showdown between The Commodore and Nucky isn't going to have a happy ending. Nonetheless, Nucky planted the seed in Jimmy letting him know that he is aware all is not well in Camelot.

Added to that, we learn The Commodore orchestrated the Klan attack upon Chalky to seize one of Nucky's bases of power - liquor distribution.

Van Alden is the Same Old Scumbag...Even Worse

Our villain Agent Nelson Van Alden is back in the fold as a corrupt Fed. While he's taking his ice cold, sexless wife out for dinner on their 13th Anniversary, he has a raid in place on the restaurant. Van Alden doesn't care about this restaurant selling booze. They are just collaterral damage in his dog and pony show he's putting on for his wife, who is disgusted by the mere mention of alcohol.

Van Alden steals some loot from the joint and at the end we see him giving some to Lucy, who is very pregnant.

All is Well With Nucky and Margaret, but he Gets Pinched

Looks like Nucky and Margaret have made nice following a major blowup last season.

However, Nucky's professional life takes a huge hit when he's asked to go to his office. Awaiting him is a Fed, who arrests him for election fraud.

Talk about an action-packed season premiere! And this was only the season premiere. With 11 more to go, Boardwalk Empire's Season 2 promises to be even better than Season 1 for sure.

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