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Vampire Diaries episode recap: "The Hybrid"


In last week’s episode, The Hybrid, Elena formed her own search party to track down her boyfriend, while her friends were dealing with family drama.Vampire Diaries episode recap: "The Hybrid"  Photo: CW
Jeremy asked for Matt’s help in contacting Vicki: Jeremy told Matt that, in one of his sightings, Vicki asked for his help. Matt was leery but eventually agreed to try and make contact with his deceased sister. Matt gave Jeremy some of Vicki’s belongings to help strengthen the connection and Vicki appeared to Jeremy to tell him that he could ‘bring her back’.

However, moments later, Anna also appeared and told Jeremy that he could not trust Vicki. Which ghostly vampire-ex will Jeremy listen to?
Team ‘Save Stefan’: Elena tracked Stefan’s call to Tennessee and got some information from Tyler about the werewolf pack in that area. Elena then roped Alaric into going with her to find Stefan. Elena and Alaric had a few bonding scenes before Damon showed up and crashed their trip. Damon tried to convince Elena to go home but Elena refused to leave without finding Stefan, and Damon eventually relented.

Klaus attempted to create his own hybrid army: Klaus used werewolf Ray to track down a pack in Tennessee and planned to make them all into hybrids. Some of the werewolves were not on-board for Klaus’ plan so Klaus merely turned them all against their will. But something went wrong with the transformation process and all of the hybrids died, leaving Stefan as Klaus’ only ally. In wondering why his plan failed, Klaus may have figured out that the doppelganger (a.k.a Elena) was not quite as dead as he believed her to be.

Stefan saved Damon. Again: While Elena and Alaric ran for their lives, Damon drew Ray away from them and the two got into a fight. Damon was over-powered but Stefan showed up in the nick of time and took Ray down. Once more, Stefan told Damon he was not coming back and asked him to stop Elena from looking for him. Unbeknownst to Stefan, his act of saving Damon convinced the elder brother that Elena was right and they still had a chance. Later that night, Damon went to Elena and told her they would save his brother together.Vampire Diaries episode recap: "The Hybrid" Photo; CW

Tyler revealed his werewolf nature to his mother: When Tyler caught on to the fact that his mother slipped vervain into his drink, Carol claimed that Tyler had been spending so much time with Caroline that it made her wonder if he was also a vampire.

Tyler asked his mother what she had done to Caroline but Carol refused to tell him, so Tyler decided to prove to his mother that Caroline was not the only ‘monster’ in town. After watching Tyler transform during the full-moon, Carol began to re-think her stance on the supernatural. (Perhaps Carol and Liz can form a tag-team of mothers with supernatural children.)

There was a new man in town with serious ties to a main character: Before watching her son turn into a werewolf, Carol called on Bill, an apparent friend and council member, to help her take care of Caroline. Even after Carol had a change of heart, Bill was determined to rid the town of vampires, starting with Caroline. In the final moments of the episode, Bill went to see his captive and Caroline knew him: As it turned out, Bill is her absentee father! (Did anyone see that coming?)

Important questions: Will Caroline’s dad really attempt to kill her or will she convince him that she is still the daughter he loves? Is Klaus keeping Stefan around simply because he suspects Elena might be alive? Will Jeremy try to bring Vicki back, despite Anna’s warning? And most important of all, will Bonnie ever return from that vacation?


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