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Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, and more Celebrity Style Transformations from Philly Fashionistas


Philly Fashionistas with Biana DeMarco

Have you ever wondered where and how your favorite celebs got their style? I can tell you with certainty that most of them were not born with it. Before they could spend big bucks on the likes of Rachel Zoe; many Hollywood starlets had as many misses as they had hits.

So you see, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself when celebrities themselves have growing pains getting to their style icon status. Just look at these epic transformations to see how minor changes over the years majorly pay off. The moral of the story being that every person reading this can easily make small adjustments to their appearance to look their absolute best.

From Hipster to Hip In the fashion world Gwen Stefani is known as the sultry blond behind the uber successful label L.A.M.B, but how can we forget the eclectic fashion choices Gwen made in the days of 'No Doubt' and what has changed since then? You have to remember, Gwen has become a mom not once but twice since those days. Yet she managed to stay toned even post-babies.

As far as her fair skin, blond hair and red lipstick which are her signature look, she has whitened her teeth, stayed on the platinum side of blond and started wearing smokey eye makeup. All these changes tally up to gorgeous, including her new wardrobe. Gwen has become known for weariing classy pieces with just enough edge to show off her distinct style.

Takeaways: Whiten your teeth, especially if you have fair skin. Stay away from yellow hues of blond, instead choose platinum and wear heavier eye makeup to avoid looking washed out.

Goth to Glam No one carries as much star power as Angelina Jolie. But there was a time when what Angie carried was a pink shawl. Boy have times changed. You will rarely see Angie in anything but a solid colored gown, which always highlight her statuesque body and makes her shine in a crowd. Angie also lightened her hair from dark brown to auburn, softening her facial features. The darker hair made her look more goth and didn't suit her at all.

Takeaways: If you have Angelina's body type, wear Grecian gowns and stick to solid colors. Let your face be your best accessory. Try lightening your hair. As you get older, lighter hues soften the features.


From Hose to Chic Clothes: It's nice to see that Sandra Bullock had the sense to stop wearing pantyhose. They are so not okay. It was obvious that she was not cold where she was or she wouldn't be wearing a camisole dress; yet she opted for the hose anyway, which gets a big thumbs down from me.

So how has Sandy changed? For one she got a new makeup artist. She doesn't have the best skin, but you would never know it. Her face matches her neck and the rest of her body, making her look natural and flawless. Her clothes are always form fitting, accentuating her perfect tiny frame. I do have to say that like the first two stars, Sandra lost weight but I think that it looks lovely on her. She's also opted for the young and fun ombre hair color. I am excited to see this since I'm looking forward to getting it done myself.

Takeaways: Whatever you do, do not wear pantyhose unless it's a life and death situation and they're keeping you warm. If you absolutely must wear a pair, make sure that they match exactly to the color for your skin as if you were not wearing them at all. When it comes to clothes, as you get older, choose more structured pieces that are body forming and flattering in all the right places. As far as the hair goes, a technique that transcends age groups is the ombre hair coloring, so do try it. Little tweaks to your "look" go a long way. They are not only fun but essential for keeping up with the ever changing trends and a great way to stay looking young. Good luck updating you look, ladies!

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