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Interview With Julia Alarcon, Designer of LIALIA Collection: From 'Your Colour Palette'



The mere whisper of the “fall season” may take your breath away.  The very idea of fall fashion can cause a spike in blood pressure or butterflies philly fashion from your colour paletteto collect in your belly as you anticipate the arrival of your beloved September fashion magazines.  

With the computer and on-line shopping there is still nothing like settling in with a glass of wine or aromatic cup of coffee/tea while holding the glossy 500+ page fashion guide in your perfectly manicured hands, slowly turning the pages that house the fall collections of your favorite designers.

Fall is fashion’s finest hour especially when there is an award winning, rising star designer (previously cited by WWD as “a designer to watch”) with a brand new collection tailored for the working woman whose philosophy is the same as mine, “acknowledge your dreams, your power and use them to their fullest.”

Julia Alarcon is the designer and LIALIA by Julia Alarcon is her unique collection.  Julia is an American designer with European sensibility.  She has lived and breathed fashion her entire life.  As a young girl, Julia spent most of her summers in Spain noting that “women dressed as if every day was an occasion.”

Julia pursued her life-long dream of designing after a career in international sales.  She started her journey “a little later in life” by enrolling at Parsons School of Design, studying in Paris and then New York under Jean Paul Gaultier’s Creative Director, Christophe Beaufays.

Julia was recently featured on Joe Zee’s “All on the Line” on the Sundance Channel.  Joe Zee is the outstanding Creative Director of ELLE Magazine who always keeps it real.  Joe assisted Julia in a fresh perspective approach to perfecting her niche all the while admiring Julia’s attention to detail, determination and drive in designing her collection.

Julia “designs for a 360° view” much like one of my favorite quotes by David Viscott, “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”

Julia’s fall 2011 collection takes “its inspiration from the power of women in the workplace” where she “looked to menswear for inspiration in her choice of rich textured fabrics and blackbirds for her silhouettes and their symbolism” providing us with contrast and sophisticated shades of gray, deep navy and triple black.

“Blackbirds are known as bringers of harmony and synchronicity,” explains Julia and “ravens bring joy and magic back into our lives.”  Joy and magic perfectly describe this impeccably tailored collection that demands attention and offers a wide array of options to assist building a steadfast and brilliant versatile wardrobe.  Each design is “structured, strong, and confident,” yet “sensual and feminine” lady chic and I am thrilled to be able to share this hidden treasure with you.

From Catwalk to Sidewalk fashion imitates life.  Julia learned a few hard lessons in taking it “one step at a time and one seam at a time” while never giving up or compromising her character in realizing the needs of the working woman with her “capsule” collection.     


Julia knew exactly what she wanted in setting the stage for her collection.  She followed her inner designer compass a/k/a intuition pointing out that women are “dynamic, three-dimensional beings – and so should be what they wear.”


Laini:  How do you juggle the demands of your job to maintain a work/life balance?

Julia:   It’s my life, not a job.  I am living my dream 24 hours a day so I make it all work        and it does.

Laini:  What inspires you?

Julia:   I am inspired by confident women who are never scared to take a risk; women who re-invent and recreate themselves, realize their strength and know they can start over at any age.

Laini:  Since your early memories are of Spain and the influence of tailored clothes, I must tell you that I have always been obsessed with tailored clothing and am a big fan of Zara.  We have one on Walnut Street in Philadelphia and I am in there quite often for myself and my clients, especially when working within a budget for my Catwalk to Sidewalk.

Julia:   The Zara Woman collection is quality clothing at a great price and I could certainly understand why you like their clothes.

Laini:  What are your top beauty products that you can’t live without?

Julia:   I believe in concentrating on skin care so I would have to say Clarisonic skin brush; NEOCUTIS LUMIÈRE Bio-restorative eye cream and lots and lots of sunscreen.  I use Dermastart Sport Field Sunscreen SPF 45.

Laini:  Whose closet would you most like to raid?

Julia:   Daphne Guinness

Julia Alarcon, an incredible designing woman of influence whose dreams-to-sketches-to-designs come alive “for the woman who curates her closet like a gallery.”

Let’s start living and dressing like every day is an occasion because it is!  Get styled and inspired….let me stir your closet and your soul.
With fashionable gratitude,

Laini Bianculli - The Style Maestro

A special thank you to the beautiful Stephanie Cipolloni.

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