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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The New Deal"


In the mid-season premiere, The New Deal, Bonnie and Damon got involved with Stefan’s plan for Klaus and Jeremy gave Elena a shock that caused her to take drastic actions.

‘Witch’ Dreams

The episode opened with Bonnie having a recurring nightmare where she entered the Witch house (aka, the place where the spirits of her ancestors reside) and discovered 4 coffins. She opened one of the coffins to reveal Klaus, clutching Elena’s magic necklace. Before Bonnie could get her hands on said necklace, she awoke from the nightmare. Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

After a chat with Elena, Bonnie decided to head to the Witch house to see if the dreams really were some kind of message. Though Bonnie did not find any coffins inside (because the witches were keeping them hidden via magic) she did find Stefan, who had been M.I.A. since their failed attempt to kill Klaus.

Trouble with Teenagers

Elena and Alaric spent most of the episode worrying about Jeremy, who had been doing poorly in school and was fired from his job at the Grill. They were even less pleased to learn that Jeremy was once again hanging out with Tyler and in a show of rebellion, Jeremy invited the new hybrid into their house! As it turned out, Tyler was still blindly loyal to Klaus and was only spending time with Jeremy because it was part of Klaus’ plan to take Jeremy’s vervain bracelet so Jeremy could be compelled.

Klaus made good on his threats

Klaus showed up in town just in time for tonight’s episode and told Damon and Elena that he would make things very unpleasant for them if they did not help him get his family back. To prove he was not playing games, Klaus told a compelled Jeremy to remove his ring and walk into the street. One of Klaus’ new hybrids, Tony, was at the ready to run Jeremy down, but Alaric stepped in at the last second and took the hit instead. Unlike Jeremy, Alaric was wearing his ring, so his ‘death’ was only temporary. Though the ring brought him back to life, Alaric’s injuries had not healed and he collapsed shortly after resurrecting.

A not-so-magic ring and Jeremy’s new-found badassery

Elena had to call an ambulance after Alaric collapsed, but Klaus had Tony watching Elena’s house and he compelled the paramedics who arrived into leaving Alaric behind. Tony tried to get Elena to invite him inside, claiming he would use his blood to heal Alaric, but Jeremy arrived before Elena had to make that choice. Thanks to Tyler, Jeremy knew exactly how to kill a hybrid and after incapacitating Tony, Jeremy found a meat cleaver and chopped off Tony’s head, in front of a horrified Elena. Jeremy then took Alaric to the ER, where the history teacher met and flirted with Dr. Meredith Fell. The doc was intrigued by Alaric’s supernatural healing abilities, but Alaric got out of there before she could run more tests.

Elena made a deal with KlausVampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

Afraid for Jeremy’s life, Elena delivered a daggered Rebekah to Klaus in exchange for Klaus’ word that he would leave Jeremy alone. Elena played it smart and told Klaus that Rebekah knew the truth about what Klaus had done to their mother.

Then Klaus, always concerned with his own self-preservation, choose to keep Rebekah daggered, in case she wanted to avenge their mother’s death by coming after him.

Stefan got by with a little help from his (former) friends

When Stefan refused Elena’s plea to return the coffins, Damon stepped in and -- after a bit of a struggle and several stabbings -- Stefan confessed that the only reason he had saved Klaus was to save Damon. Damon asked Stefan if he could join him in his vendetta against Klaus and Stefan agreed to keep Damon in the loop, as long as they did not involve Elena. Stefan also got some help from Bonnie, who zeroed-in on a specific coffin as a potential key in their plan to defeat Klaus.

Elena made a terrible decision and Damon acted on impulse

After seeing her brother decapitate a hybrid on her porch, Elena decided it was time for Jeremy to go back to being a normal kid and she needed Damon’s help. Damon compelled Jeremy into believing he wanted to leave Mystic Falls and start over, far away from the supernatural craziness in his life. After the compulsion was complete, Elena wondered if she had made the wrong decision, but Damon convinced her that a compelled brother was better than a dead one (though I doubt Jeremy would agree with that.) Then Damon told Elena that Stefan had only ‘betrayed’ them and saved Klaus in order to save Damon’s life and neither one knew what to do with that information. The episode ended with a Damon/Elena kiss that felt rather anti-climactic.

The next episode will see the gang celebrating Caroline’s 18th birthday and we all know how parties usually go down in this town. Add to that Tyler’s decision to go against Klaus’ and Stefan’s reckless attempt to prove a point and you know things are bound to go very wrong.



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