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Golden Globes Red Carpet Trend Spotting: Philly Fashionistas


Philly Fashionistas with Biana DeMarco

The 2012 Golden Globe Awards have come and gone, leaving us to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the night's fashion choices. With Ethereal Nudes dominating the evening, our beloved starlets graced the carpet with the elegance of pastel blossoms from the Waltz of the Flowers. (With a few exceptions, of course). Each movement revealed a little more of the gowns' femininity and seductive appeal.

But as it turns out, it was the soft hues themselves that played a starring role, allowing the dresses to accentuate the actresses' natural beauty instead of the other way around. As far as the makeup choices, I saw a lot of dewy cheeks and sheer lipsticks which was truly refreshing. The bold Jewel Tones came in a close second, while "black" took a back seat altogether. The emerald greens especially, created the perfect contrast to the red carpet particularly with accessories.

Emeralds Rule

Risky Business

Charlize Theron and Piper Perabo should be commended for taking a sartorial risk which paid off big this night. They were among my best dressed picks. The same thing cannot be said about some of the other risk takers who's edgier ensembles flopped in a major way. (As you will see in my "Worst Dressed" list). Another trend that I really loved was the "New" Hollywood Glam. The epitome of which was Salma Hayek with her big hair, ombre color and a modern twist on a classic strapless gown that fit her like a glove. She looked flawless.

Ethereal Nudes


"New" Hollywood Glam


Worst Dressed

This just goes to show that even stars make unfortunate fashion mistakes. Blame it on pressure or on the abundance of choices but at an award ceremony where everyone else seemed to have gotten the "less is more" memo, these ladies chose to don outfits that were busier than an accountant during tax season. I hesitate to put anyone in this category but there is a lesson to be learned here so I will make an exception: No one is immune to fashion mishaps. So, now it is your turn. What gowns did love and which did you love to hate?




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