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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Our Town"


In this week’s episode, Our Town, Stefan (Paul Wesley) took his war with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to new lows and Caroline (Candice Accola) celebrated a milestone.

Bonnie confronted Elena
Elena (Nina Dobrev) decided to give Bonnie (Kat Graham) a heads-up about the Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) situation, in case Bonnie wanted to say goodbye to her ex before he left town. Bonnie was upset that Elena had Damon (Ian Somerhalder) use compulsion on Jeremy and she called Elena out on her actions. Though Elena realized that Bonnie was right and she should not have messed with Jeremy’s mind, she also did not see any other way to keep her only surviving family member safe. As Jeremy was leaving for school in Denver, Bonnie stopped by to see him, but instead of telling him the truth about the compulsion, she simply wished him farewell. Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Our Town." Courtesy of CW

Stefan stepped way over the line
Stefan decided that he was tired of playing defense in his war against Klaus and he needed to kick things up a notch. Stefan was not a fan of Klaus’ hybrids and told Klaus that if he did not force his new friends to leave town, Stefan would dispose of them himself. Klaus assumed Stefan was bluffing, until Stefan decapitated one of Klaus’ hybrids right in front of him.

After a chat with Damon, Stefan realized that threatening to take away Klaus’ ability to make more hybrids was a better option, so he kidnapped Elena. Stefan then force-fed Elena his blood and threatened to drive their car into a lake so Elena would turn into a vampire – and her blood would be useless in creating more hybrids -- if Klaus did not do as he asked. Klaus finally relented and Stefan stopped the car in the nick of time.
Elena was horrified by Stefan’s actions (rightly so), but Damon defended his brother, saying that they needed a win against Klaus and Stefan achieved that. Damon and Elena also decided that nothing more could happen between them because the timing was not right.

A not-so happy birthday
It was Caroline’s 18th birthday and her friends planned a surprise party. Unfortunately, Caroline was not in the mood to celebrate, given that she was now technically dead and stuck in a ‘filler’ year for the rest of eternity. After hearing Caroline’s admission, Elena decided that what her friend needed was not a party, but a funeral. Caroline’s friends helped her eulogize the human girl she had been, so she could move forward with her new life. Though Caroline’s funeral did not end well, it was followed up by Elena taking her own advice and holding a funeral for the girl she used to be. With Matt’s (Zach Roerig) help, Elena said goodbye to her old life, in the place where her new one began.

Tyler bit Caroline!
At the start of the episode, Tyler (Michael Trevino) told Caroline he understood why she could not be with him any longer, because as much as he wanted to put her first, his sire-bond to Klaus made that impossible. Later, Klaus summoned Tyler and ordered him to bite Caroline, as revenge for Stefan killing Klaus’ hybrid. Tyler stood up to his ‘master’ and refused to follow Klaus’ order and that seemed to be the end of it. Tyler was thrilled that he was able to assert his free-will and he went straight to Caroline to tell her the good news, which he followed up with a declaration of love. Everything seemed wonderful until Tyler unwittingly bit Caroline during a make-out session. (Apparently, that sire-bond runs even deeper than he thought.)Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

Saved by the enemy
Klaus showed up at Caroline’s house, claiming that Tyler had told him about Caroline’s ‘accident’. Liz asked Klaus what his price was for saving Caroline’s life and Klaus said he simply wanted her support.

After Liz invited him in, Klaus went to Caroline and the two had a strange conversation. Klaus told Caroline that he had the power to save her life, if that was what she wanted. Despite her earlier comments, Caroline wanted to live and Klaus used his hybrid-blood to heal her. When Caroline woke the next morning, Klaus had left her a birthday present. (Creepy.)

A real murder?
Alaric (Matthew Davis) sat out most of the action in this episode, in lieu of spending more time with Dr. Meredith Fell. The two attended the same faux fundraiser, where Meredith revealed that she knew all about the vampires because she was a council member. When Alaric saw her arguing with someone later on, Meredith explained that she had to work with the guy because he was the medical examiner who conveniently listed all the supernatural deaths as ‘animal attacks’. At the episode’s conclusion, Liz told Damon they had found the medical examiner’s body and it appeared to be a murder.

With both Alaric and Meredith as prime suspects for the killing, it looks like Sheriff Liz and her officers will have to launch an investigation into something other than the supernatural, for once. And Bonnie will also be dealing with a new situation in the next episode, when she tracks down a woman she has not seen in years, believing she has information that could bring about Klaus’ downfall.

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