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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The Ties That Bind"


In last week’s episode, The Ties That Bind, blood was spilled, pain was felt and family reunions were all the rage.

No Pain, No Gain
Desperate to break his sire-bond to Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Tyler (Michael Trevino) called in Caroline’s torture-happy dad for help. Bill, who found a way to resist compulsion, told Tyler that the sire-bond came from his feeling of gratitude that Klaus saved him from the werewolf curse. Bill insisted that Tyler had to turn and embrace the pain of his werewolf transformations if he was ever going to be free of Klaus.

With Bill pushing him, Tyler was able to transition at will, but the chains Bill used to restrain Tyler were not strong enough and Tyler attacked Bill. Thanks to some assistance from Dr. Fell, Bill survived and told Tyler that they would start again the next day. Tyler was horrified at the thought of turning again, but Bill said Tyler would do it if he wanted to be with Caroline (Candice Accola).

Bloody Bed-side Manner
Damon (Ian Somerhalder) paid a visit to Alaric’s new love-interest -- Dr. Meredith Fell -- to see why she had not told Alaric (Matthew Davis) about the death of her ex-boyfriend, also known as the murdered medical examiner. Meredith avoided Damon’s questions and when Damon turned his back, she drugged him with vervain and stole some of his blood. Vampire Diaries pic courtesy of CW.

Later, when Alaric confronted her, Meredith used the blood to save Bill’s life. Alaric seemed pretty okay with this and decided to let Meredith in on some of his own secrets, like his vampire-hunting ways and his magic ring. Meredith thought it was down-right amusing that a vampire-hunter could not be killed by vampires and you could practically see the wheels spinning in her head.

Mama Drama
Bonnie (Kat Graham) continued to have prophetic dreams and this time, the dreams pointed Bonnie toward someone she believed could help open the spelled coffin -- her mom, Abby. Bonnie had not seen her mother in over a decade, but Damon managed to track her down easily enough and Elena (Nina Dobrev) joined Bonnie on her road trip to see her mom. Once they arrived at their destination, the girls learned that Abby had taken in another kid to raise, a boy named Jamie.  Bonnie’s mom welcomed the girls to her home and Bonnie wasted no time in asking her mother why she abandoned her. Abby explained that, 15 years earlier, a man had come to Mystic Falls looking for the doppelganger. When he could not be killed, Abby entombed him using her magic. Bonnie and Elena realized the man was Mikael and Abby said taking Mikael down had come with the price of losing her magic.

Mama Drama, Part 2
When Bonnie realized her mother had no magic, she decided to call it quits, since Abby could not help them in defeating Klaus. But Abby asked Bonnie to stay and offered to help in other ways. Meanwhile, Stefan (Paul Wesley) showed up looking for the girls and was shot by Jamie, who had been compelled by one of Klaus’ hybrids. Apparently, Klaus had his hybrid compel Jamie into killing himself if Abby could not get Bonnie to reveal the location of the coffins. In order to save Jamie’s life, Bonnie reluctantly gave the information to Klaus’ hybrid.

Though Abby made a deal with the enemy, she claimed to still care for Bonnie and offered to try and get her magic back -- despite her desire to be a normal woman and not a Bennett witch -- if that’s what Bonnie wanted. (Abby won’t be winning any ‘Mother of the Year’ awards, but she was willing to sacrifice her normal life in order to help Bonnie and that gained her some points, in my book.)

Confession and Regret
After he shot Stefan and tied her up, Elena managed to talk to Jamie and she learned that Jamie was under orders not to harm her. Elena used that knowledge to her advantage, knocked Jamie out and went to help Stefan. While removing bullet fragments from his body, Elena told Stefan about her kiss with Damon and her confession got a surprising reaction (surprising in that Stefan had any reaction at all, given his claims not to feel anything.) Vampire Diaries pic courtesy of CW.

Once they knew Bonnie was safe, Stefan and Elena had a little heart-to-heart and Stefan acknowledged that he stepped way over the line with his actions in the previous episode. He also said Elena deserved better than both Salvatore brothers, but left before Elena could respond.

Hello Again
Thanks to a heads-up from Bonnie, Damon managed to move one of the coffins before Klaus came looking for them. As luck would have it, Damon saved the spelled coffin and Klaus was only able to take the other three. When Damon refused to give up the location of the spelled coffin, Klaus threatened to kill him but Damon knew he never would, as long as Damon had the 4th and final coffin. But Damon was not being completely honest and had actually done one more thing before Klaus got his coffins back -- Damon un-daggered Elijah. In yet another awkward family reunion, Elijah paid a visit to his brother and killed Klaus’ hybrid buddy.

Now that Elijah is back in action, which side will he choose? Will he forgive his brother or help Bonnie and the Salvatores bring Klaus down? Tune in on February 2nd to find out.


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