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Demi Moore's Nitrous Oxide Overdose From Whip-Its and Heidi Klum and Seal to split


Demi Moore Hospitalized From Overdosing on Nitrous Oxide After Inhaling Whip-ItsDemi Moore photo: People.com

2011 was rough for Demi Moore thanks to her marriage to Ashton Kutcher ending.

It looked like maybe 2012 was going to be better--that the actress was taking the divorce in stride and wasn’t letting it get her down.  But, apparently she isn’t as strong as she’s let on because she has been hospitalized. It was at first assumed that it was due to exhaustion, but now a report is coming out about something worse...way worse.

Demi Moore apparently got into some whip-its full of nitrous oxide and was hospitalized for doing too many. Wha-what you say? I said the same thing as this is normally something teenagers do, but for a Hollywood actress - it's insane!

Just what are whip-its? They are small canister devices, which contain nitrous oxide, an ingredient found in whipped cream canisters. In fact, many kids are known to huff whipped cream bought at the store because it contains this ingredient! These devices are supposed to be used to recharge whipped cream canisters, but instead are purchased by teenagers and abused. With a device called a "cracker" the little devices can be inhaled, delivering nitrous oxide to the brain. The result is a 15-second high.

According to TMZ, Demi Moore's whip-its binge resulted in a seizure-like crises due to inhaling too much nitrous oxide.

The has been reported that the Los Angeles Fire Department received a late night 911 call on the 23rd and Moore was taken to the hospital shortly before midnight.

It is also being reported that her stay in the hospital has prompted Moore to drop out of Lovelace, a movie about the famous porn star in which Moore was set to play Gloria Steinem.

Heidi Klum and Seal to splitHeidi Klum and Seal photo: dailygossip.org

When Heidi Klum and Seal tied the knot in 2005, people were pretty confused.  She’s a hot supermodel.  And he’s, well, not hot at all. But, the seemingly mismatched couple proved their love by sticking together, renewing their vows each year, and having 3 kids together.

Now the couple is once again surprising people by announcing that they are splitting up after being married for just under 7 years.The two released a statement letting their fans know that they although they still love and respect each other, they have grown apart and will be splitting amicably.

As of now the split is being called a separation, so there may still be some hope that a divorce won’t actually happen.  But, we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

ABC & CW fight over ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Beauty and the Beast photo: ew.com

Are television networks so hard up for new content that they not only can’t come up with an original idea, but have to share ideas with each other?  It looks like it, at least when it comes to The CW and ABC both ordering pilots for shows based on the story of Beauty and the Beast. The CW ordered its pilot and just a week later ABC ordered theirs.  


Perhaps the shows will be very different. The version to be aired on The CW is supposedly based on a show that aired on CBS in 1987, while ABC’s version, which will be from Jonathan Steinberg, is said to feature a re-imaging of the well-known fairy tale.

Doesn’t really tell you much, does it?

Although pilots have been ordered, it’ll be a waiting game to see if either show actually happens. And it will certainly be interesting to see how they’ll play out if both come to fruition.


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Whip-its photo from weeklydrop.com

Demi Moore photo: People.com

Heidi Klum and Seal photo: dailygossip.org

Beauty and the Beast photo: ew.com