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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Divorce, Prince Harry to Climb Mount Everest, and Kirstie Alley Launches "100 Days of Dance"


Katy Perry and Russell Brand Announce Their Divorce

 Spending the holidays apart and being caught without their wedding rings had people speculating if Katy Perry and Russell Brand would soon be announcing that their marriage was ending.  Some said it was imminent.  Others said it wouldn't happen.Katy Perry and Russell Brand

It wasn’t long before it was finally announced that the couple would indeed be ending their marriage after only 14 months.

Really, are you surprised?  Even though a lot of mismatched couples can easily spend the rest of their lives completely in love, Perry and Brand were sooo very opposite.

She’s pretty and talented, and, well, he’s just kinda odd and weird looking.  Sorry Brand fans, but he is!

The Arthur star is the one who ultimately filed for divorce, citing the reason as “irreconcilable differences,” and claims that he and the singer will still remain friends.

Brand might make out pretty good in the deal.  He and Perry do not have a prenup, meaning he could possibly walk away with quite a haul!

Prince Harry to Climb Mount Everest

Every since the Royal Wedding, we’ve heard more about Prince Harry than the new happy couple.  He’s once again in the news.  Not because he may be getting back together with his ex or was seen hitting a hot new club.  This time he’s making headlines because he plans to climb Mount Everest.

It is being reported that the Prince will be taking the trek along with Walking With the Wounded, a charity that organizes outings for soldiers that have been wounded.

Harry is no stranger to the group.  Just last year he accompanied them on North Pole trip.

Right now no one is saying for sure if the Prince will do the trek or not.  It may depend on his commitments to the Army.  If he does end up going, hopefully he and the other climbers will have a safe trip.

Kirstie Alley Launching "100 Days of Dance" to Help Others Lose Weightkirstie alley weight loss

 During the course of her career, Kirstie Alley has been in the spotlight more for her weight than for her acting skills.  Most recently she appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, where her weight was once again the highlight because her stint helped her to lose a whopping 100 pounds.

Alley plans to use her fame and weight loss to help others get into shape.  And, she wants to do it for free with her new weight loss regime 100 Days of Dance.

According to the site, “100 Days of Dance is an international grassroots campaign led by Kirstie Alley to promote an active lifestyle for all. Follow Kirstie’s daily dance videos, and join her by dancing for at least 30 minutes each day for 100 consecutive days, starting January 1, 2012.”

Could it work?  You’ll just have to dance along with Alley to see!

Article Photo of Katy Perry and Russell Brand from glamourvanity.com

Thumbnail Photo of Katy Perry and Russell Brand from inquisitir.com

Photo of Kirstie Alley from entertainment.blogs.foxnews.com

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