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Boardwalk Empire Episode 3 Recap: Nucky Feels the Guilt and Gyp Lights a Match


A new rivalry is underway in Atlantic City between newcomer Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Cannavale) and everyone who stands in his way. Last week Gyp held up the shipment of Rothstein's booze at Tabor Heights. Nucky wasted little time in addressing the situation in Episode 3 entitled "Bone For Tuna." This week we also witnessed Richard Harrow teaching Mickey Doyle a lesson, Gyp going psychotic, Van Alden getting bullied by his co-workers, and Mayer Lansky's heroin operation has a little hiccup.

Nucky Feels Guilty For Killing Jimmy

The guilt of murdering Jimmy is weighing on Nucky, thus manifesting itself in his dreams. In a dream sequence we see Nucky staring at a boy who has been shot in the head. This of course represents Jimmy Darmody, whom he executed last season.

Did Nucky make a mistake by knocking off his would-be successor? Probably not. Things weren't going to be repaired between Jimmy and Nucky. But, one thing is clear - the guilt is starting to drive him mad. There is one point where he appears to hallucinate while sitting in church with Margaret as the young Jimmy reappears as an alter boy.

Gyp and Nucky Reach a Common Ground

Gyp was all pissed off at Nucky for giving him the cold shoulder at the New Year's party. When they have a sitdown about it, Nucky calls him out for being a petulant child. Normally, Gyp would cut someone's throat for taking him to task, but even he isn't that crazy to stir the hornet's nest this quickly. Nucky comes up with a compromise and offers Gyp a one-month supply of booze. From there, he's on his own.

Later on, Gyp meets with Eli who he knows tried to kill Nucky, after Gillian reveals that to him. Gyp takes Nucky's absence to be an insult. And, when Owen hands him a message from Nucky he is confused as all hell. The note reads "Bone For Tuna" which has Gyp's head spinning. Rosetti wants to find a meaning (insult) in pretty much every sentence. And, this one really has him unnerved. Owen screwed up the message though and should have written down "bon fortuna" which in Italian means goodluck. Nonetheless, Gyp takes this is a huge slap in the face despite getting a month's supply of booze.

Van Alden Gets Bullied By His Co-workers

Van Alden a.k.a. George Mueller is the butt of the jokes at his company. When his co-workers decide to pull the old exploding pen trick on him, he is shaken up. Van Alden comes from a different world where practical jokes don't fly.  When they try and smooth things over and offer him out for drinks, he reluctantly obliges.

He happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a Fed recognizes him and takes some money out of wallet for the "fine." Van Alden and the Fed know they are both corrupt.

Richard Harrow Teaches Mickey Doyle a Lesson He'll Never Forget

Boardwalk Empire photo: www.oregonlive.com

Mickey Doyle is feeling his oats and tells one of his cronies that he better accept what he's offering or else. He is mouthing off and claiming that he killed Manny Horvitz and isn't afraid to pull the trigger on him.

Unbeknownst to Doyle, one of his young flunkies overheard the confrontation and took what he heard to Richard Harrow, who is working the bar at Gillian Darmody's whorehouse. The young kid is jealous of Harrow's job, thinking that he has his pick of the women who come through that joint. He then mentions to him that Doyle is the one who killed Manny Horvitz.

When Doyle comes home with a woman he thinks he's about to get lucky, but has a surprise in store for him as Richard Harrow waits for him like an executioner. Harrow holds a gun to Doyle's head and marches him over to Nucky's office. He promptly forces Doyle to admit that he made up the story about killing Horvitz. Harrow informs Nucky that he blew his head off with a shotgun in act of revenge for Jimmy's murder. Nucky knows he's dealing with a wildcard and asks if he or his family are in danger, but Harrow tells him to rest assured that they have nothing to fear.

That is...until Harrow finds out that Nucky is the one who pulled the trigger himself.

Gyp Lights a Match

As each week goes on, we expect Gyp to fly off the deep end at least once an episode. This time he hanging out at the gas station in Tabor Heights when the sherrif wishes that he and his goons would go away once and for all. When he says "good luck" to Gyp, he tells the sherrif that "they're gonna stay a while." He proceeds to douse the sherrif with gasoline and sets him on fire like a pile of wood.

Once again things take a turn for the macabre in Boardwalk. For that, I give this episode a "4" this week for the badass factor. You also have to love how Richard Harrow made Mickey his bitch.

Just what is in store for Gyp next week? It's clear he is taking over Tabor Heights and not going anywhere anytime soon unless he's forced to. Nucky may see to it that his men take a different route to New York, but Rothstein is going to be seriously pissed when he finds out that Rosetti is attempting a hostile takeover of an important town along the route.

Show scale:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

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