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Boardwalk Empire Episode 6 Recap: Nucky Gets a Lesson From Harry Daugherty


There was simply no way Episode 6 of Boardwalk Empire could top last week's tour de force of violence and intensity, coupled with Gyp's sick sex scenes. Gyp managed to escape an attempt on his life by using the redheaded waitress as a human shield. The man is a pure monster. Now Nucky feels like his family could be in danger and is having Owen look after them at night.

With that said Episode 6, entitled "Ging Gang Goolie" was no slouch. This week we see Nucky getting a taste of prison life, a mysterious gypsy starting a fire near Nucky's house, Gillian meeting a familiar face, and the investigation of Attorney General Daughtery and his cronies heats up.

Boardwalk Empire

Gyp Leaves Tabor Heights

Rothstein and Nucky accomplished one thing last week in their failed attempt on Gyp Rosetti's life; they got him to leave Tabor Heights. Nobody knows where he is though, which is a problem. At least the liquor trade can return to normal for now though.

Mickey and Eli interrogate the new sherrif of Tabor Heights in the beginning of the episode to hopefully find out where Gyp may have went. Mickey finally asks if Gyp was "wearing a dog collar." When you think about it, it sort of looked like a dog collar around his neck.

Gillian Darmody Meets a Familiar Person

In the previews last week it looked like Jimmy's mother would be meeting what appeared to be the ghost of Jimmy or someone who appeared to be Jimmy in her mind. She's obviously descending further into madness and unfit to run a hotdog stand, let alone a highly profitable business such as a whorehouse.

This week she runs into a young man who looks a lot like Jimmy. She wastes little time in jumping his bones of course. After they have sex and are laying in bed she decides to give him a nickname - James. Talk about creepy.

It looks like next week she finally realizes that Jimmy is dead. Just how she will react to this is anybody's guess.

Nucky and Attorney General Daughtery Have a Falling Out

When Nucky goes to the usual rendezvous point to meet with Gaston Means he finds the fishbowl there with a fish in it, but Means is nowhere to be found. Suspecting that something is awry he starts to leave and George Remus comes in. The maid in the room throws both of them out after growing tired of their presence. Gaston Means is a very intriguing historical character. In reality he was a scam artist and known for ripping many people off. I'm sure we'll see that Nucky finds out before long that he's just another snakeoil salesman.

Cut to a scene in Washington D.C. at a Boy Scouts convention when Daughtery's right-hand man Jess Smith starts to cry like a baby. He realizes his goose is cooked and he'll be the sacrificial lamb for Doughtery and his cronies.

Next, Nucky barges into the room and flips out on Harry Daughtery. Nucky and Daughtery have a falling out when he asks Daughtery if he will throw him under the bus to the Feds. Nucky tells him that he isn't going to go down alone and he'll bring him down with. Daughtery simply asks Nucky who will they believe - the Attorney General or some "washed up bootlegger." Nucky tells him that "I guess we'll find out."

Daughtery decides to teach Nucky a lesson and has him thrown in jail for purchasing booze. In the end, Nucky gets out with a $5 fine. Even the judge knows that prohibition is a joke. It made for a very amusing sequence in the courtroom.

Nucky runs into an old acquaintance in the courtroom, Miss Randolph who tries her best to get Nucky's fine increased along with jailtime. It's a moot point though.

Margaret and Owen Hook Up Again

Margaret's son Teddy says that a gypsy is behind the mysterious fire at the Thompson compound.

In the middle of the night Margaret is startled by a sound and picks up a shotgun and heads out to the greenhouse and sees that Owen is guarding over them. Suddenly she realizes that the time is right to have a fling. After she found out Nucky has been screwing around behind her back it only makes more sense to "get even." She takes Owen into the greenhouse and has her way with him.

This fling could really make things ugly should Nucky find out.

Nucky Wants to Deliver George Remus to the Feds

Nucky meets with Miss Randolph after she tries to have the judge throw the book at him in court. He promises to deliver her information on George Remus, which would implicate Jess Smith and Harry Dougherty.

She is skeptical of his plan because it would require President Harding's backing to get the case through. Nucky doesn't have that ammunition just yet.

I give this episode a "3." Look for things to heat up next week. In the preview for episode 7, Gyp returns and is meeting with Joe Masserio. The second half of Boardwalk looks like it's going to be a serious bloodbath. Strap in kids, because it's going to be a wild ride!

Show scale:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

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