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Boardwalk Empire Episode 7 Recap: Nucky Bumps Eli Up the Food Chain


Last week Nucky  saw first hand what happens when you step to a big wig in Washington (Harry Daughtery). All in all, last week's episode was rather tame compared to recent weeks. The lack of Gyp Rosetti's presence also made it's mark.

Boardwalk Empire

It's clear, when Gyp is in this show it's a much better viewing. The shame of it is he probably isn't going to last more than a season. He's simply too volatile and making too many enemies.

This week in Episode 7 ("Sunday Best') we see that Gyp isn't the tough guy he's cracked up to be at home. It was quite a revelation. We also see Nucky and Eli taking another step forward and putting the past behind them. Richard Harrow really has a thing for that new woman he met. And, Gillian Darmody...well she's just plain bat s**t crazy!

Nucky and Eli Bury the Hatchet

Nucky and Eli spend Easter together with each other's families. It looks like they are ready to move on from the bad blood which ensued.

Nucky isn't ready to move on though. When Eli asks him for a bump up in the pecking order, Nucky let's him know that he won't ever forgive him for turning his back on him when he got in cahoots with Jimmy and the Commodore.

Eli has a family which includes eight children. He's hurting and Nucky knows it, but he doesn't seem to care...yet.

Meanwhile, Margaret confides in Eli's wife and tells her that her marriage to Nucky is broken.

Also, Richard Harrow is spending his Easter Sunday with that new woman he met and her drunken crazed father. When Tommy goes upstairs and plays with his toys, the old man gets rough with Tommy. That's when Richard threatens to kill him.

Surprisingly his daughter doesn't get too offended and takes Richard up on his offer to head over to the boardwalk. Looks like a romance may be brewing here. It would add a nice element to the show for Richard to find a little romance. He's a tortured soul for sure and needs something good in his life.

Gillians Fakes Jimmy's Death

We could all see this one coming once Margaret got everyone out of the whorehouse. She had her new "James" all to herself. She convinces him that the house is all hers; she inherited it from her late husband.

In reality she has a plan in store, which is to fake Jimmy's death so she can get control of the house.

When they are alone in the bathroom she injects him with heroine and makes it look like Jimmy died of an overdose. She comes in Richard's room and informs him that Jimmy is dead. Then we hear a scream from outside the room. One of the girls sees "Jimmy" in the bathtub.

I can't see how Richard Harrow will actually buy this nonsense though. He was as close to Jimmy as anyone in his life. When he sees the "body" he'll have to know that he's a doppleganger.

Gyp is Back and Looks Like a Joke at Home

For the first time this season we see what Gyp Rosetti is like at home. And, it's amazing to see his wife bossing him around.

Not to mention, the family is living in abject poverty. When you consider that Rosetti is a gangster he should at least have some money? Or, is he spending it on something we don't know about?

Gyp goes to the church and flips out on Jesus Christ. Then an unsuspecting priest hears Gyp going off and asks him if he needs help. Bad move. Gyp socks him upside the head.

Gyp has a meeting with Masserio and realizes he's about to be executed and comes up with a last-ditch move to save his ass. He tells Masserio that he'll kill Nucky, Rothstein, and everyone else who stands in his way.

This is why I don't think Gyp will survive beyond this season. He's biting off more than he can chew. Masserio doesn't care about him. He's just going to use him as a pawn.

Nucky Bumps Eli Up the Ladder

At the end of the episode Nucky calls Eli and thanks him for being the only one with intelligence on the night of that ambush in Tabor Heights. He tells him that he's going to run the operation with Mickey.

This is the beginning of the end for Mickey. And, it's nice to see Eli and Nucky making nice. Eli is a hell of a character and while he's flawed, he's a great brother to Nucky.

Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes severe ones. Nucky understands this and officially forgives Eli and rewards him, despite the fact that he couldn't save those men's lives that evening.

I give Episode 7 a "4." It was a strong episode from beginning to end. The plotline involving Gyp and his family was comic brilliance. And, to see Gillian concocting her scheme was one for the ages.

Things are being set up nicely for the final half of the season. Just how far will Gyp go to prove himself to Masseria? And, at what point will Richard Harrow take out Gillian?

Show scale:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

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