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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: The Rager


In last week’s episode, The Rager, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Rebekah went head-to-head, while Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Klaus teamed up to take Connor down.
Trouble for Tyler
The episode began with Connor-the-hunter showing up at the hospital, where Tyler was supposedly recovering. Connor snuck into Tyler’s room but instead of killing him, Connor stole Tyler’s werewolf venom. Tyler (Michael Trevino) then left the hospital only to be put on lock-down in his own home, courtesy of some hybrid bodyguards and the newly returned Klaus. Despite the bad blood between them, Klaus came back to protect Tyler, as hybrids were now a dying breed and Klaus would do all he could to keep his remaining hybrids alive. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Luckily for Tyler, an old friend of his just happened to stop by to help him pass the time. Hayley, played by The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin, was one of the werewolves who helped Tyler break his sire-bond to Klaus. Hayley managed to track Tyler down thanks to one of Klaus’ hybrids and she teased Tyler about keeping his family’s wealth a secret during their time together. Later, Klaus expressed interest in Tyler’s werewolf friend but Hayley was not impressed, Klaus’ repulsive reputation having preceded him.

Things got more complicated for Tyler when Caroline (Candice Accola) showed up for some couple-time. Klaus overheard Tyler giving Caroline all sorts of excuses over why she should hit the road and after Caroline left, Klaus confronted Tyler. Apparently, Hayley was more than a friend and Tyler had not told Caroline about what happened between them while Tyler was away. (Bad move, Lockwood.) Will Tyler tell Caroline the truth about his relationship with Hayley or will Klaus be the one spill the beans?

Connor’s new recruit?
After stealing Tyler’s venom, Connor paid a visit to the high school to talk to Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). Connor explained that his tattoo -- also known as a hunter’s mark -- was invisible to everyone but hunters or potential hunters. Connor told Jeremy that if he tracked down one of the many vampires in town, Connor would begin training Jeremy in the Ways of a Hunter.

Jeremy apparently filled Damon in on the situation and the two hatched a plan. Jeremy showed up at Connor’s trailer and informed the hunter that there was a doctor at the hospital who used vampire blood to treat her patients. Connor and Jeremy headed to the hospital and Connor followed Meredith into a storage room, where Damon and Klaus were waiting for him. Damon subdued Connor via a bomb and began asking the hunter questions. Connor refused to give up any information, saying only that if he died, another was waiting in the wings. (Was Connor referring to yet another hunter or was he just bluffing?)

However, Klaus was very interested in the mention of Connor’s invisible tattoos and in the markings on Connor’s stakes. Klaus said something vague about Connor being one of ‘The Five’ right before the hunter detonated the bomb. Luckily for Connor, being one of ‘The Five’ made him invaluable to Klaus, who saved the hunter’s life, unbeknownst to Damon.

Feuds, vampire-style
Determined to be live her undead life, Elena went back to school to finish out her senior year. But thanks to her new dietary restrictions, Elena had to take blood from Matt in order to get through the day. Unfortunately for Elena, Rebekah was also back at school and handing out invitations to a party at her new pad. There was still no love lost between Elena and Rebekah so the two got into an argument that ended with Elena being impaled by a pencil. Elena managed to clean herself up, only to have Rebekah send in a bleeding human classmate for Elena to feed on. Elena managed to resist, but barely.

Thanks to her heightened emotions, Elena’s anger at Rebekah turned into hatred and rage. Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline tried to distract Elena and eventually, she agreed to go to Rebekah’s party, but only after she picked up a certain accessory. Once at Rebekah’s bash, the girls continued their feud and Rebekah stole Elena’s daylight ring. Though Elena retrieved her ring easily enough, Rebekah’s actions left her fuming and she had the white-oak stake at the ready. But Stefan intervened and reminded Elena that killing Rebekah would result in the death of every vampire she ever turned. Elena calmed down and agreed to leave Rebekah’s party without murdering the Original, but only after doing a keg-stand to sample some of Rebekah’s beer. (Bad move, Gilbert.)

Vampire fun
After leaving Rebekah’s party, Stefan took Elena for a drive on his motorcycle, made all the more exciting by her new vampire senses. The ride lit a fire within both partners and they were headed for hot vampire sex before Damon interrupted, once again. Only this time, Damon was actually a hallucination brought on by Tyler’s werewolf venom. (Because of course, Connor had dosed the beer at Rebekah’s party.) After several urgent calls, Klaus finally arrived and used his hybrid blood to save Elena’s life, as she had become ‘useful’ to him again. (I imagine we will learn more about this so-called usefulness in future episodes.)

After being healed by Klaus, Elena went home and Stefan placed a call to Caroline. Stefan explained to his sometimes-BFF that he wanted Elena to enjoy her new vampire abilities but he was afraid to join in on her revelry in fear of becoming the Ripper again. Caroline, the current model for how to be a good vampire, agreed to help Stefan stay in control.

Lonely souls
Earlier that day, Rebekah stopped by Matt’s locker to offer him an invitation to her party and an explanation for her murder attempt. Rebekah said she never wanted Matt to be hurt but she had to get rid of Alaric before he came after her. Matt (Zach Roerig) was not interested and when Connor threatened him, Matt decided to seek revenge by naming Rebekah as a vampire.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Like Elena, Rebekah also got dosed with Tyler’s venom via the party beer but her Original-ness prevented it from killing her. After the party, Rebekah received a visit from April Young, who stuck around to help with the clean-up. Rebekah saw a kindred spirit in April and offered to look into the explosion at her father’s farm. Do I sense a new friendship on the horizon?

A late-night snack gone wrong
Almost dying via werewolf venom took a lot out of Elena and she called on Matt for another dose of human blood. Unfortunately, Elena could not control her blood-lust this time and she came very close to draining Matt before Damon stepped in. Damon sent Matt home and promised he would teach Elena in the Ways of the Vampire, presumably so she would never again be tempted to eat one of her closest friends.

Who are ‘The Five’ and what connection could they have to Elena? Will Damon help Elena learn to control her blood-lust? And when will the vampires of this town learn to stop attending major gatherings?


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