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Elmo accuser takes back sex claim, 'Modern Family' star's troubled life, INXS calling it quits


Elmo Accuser Backpedals Claims of Sexual Misconduct

Sesame Street is supposed to be a place where kids can learn their ABCs and life lessons.  But, it's actually a place that, over the years, has seen its share of scandals.

denzel washington flightPeople have often speculated about whether Bert and Ernie are more than just roomies.  Cookie Monster was given a makeover after receiving a lot of criticism over his cookie habit.  And it wasn’t too long ago when the show’s YouTube channel was hacked and changed over to porn.

Yet another scandal has popped up—this time, it's Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash, who has been accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a male minor.

Clash does not deny that he is gay. Nor does he deny having a relationship with his accuser, who is now 23-years-old. But, he swears that when the relationship took place the accuser was not 16-years-old, but actually of legal age.

Turns out the claims were not substantiated, but Clash was planning on taking a break from the show for a while.

A major turning point occured today when the so-called "Elmo accuser" retracted his allegations when the man's attorney said it was an adult consensual relationship.
What would this have meant for Elmo?  Apparently nothing.  Officials from Sesame Workshop said that the character would continue to be a key part of the show with or without Clash prior to today's developments.

Modern Family's Ariel Winter Suffered AbuseAriel Winter photo: Mr Photoman / Splash News

Ariel Winter sure is having a rough time lately.

Last week it was announced that the Modern Family star was being removed from her mother’s care amid allegations that Chrisoula Workman mentally and physically abused the 14-year-old actress.

Now it’s being reported that the young actress and her supposedly much older boyfriend have split.

Winter and Cameron Palatas, who is 18-years-old, have been purportedly dating for about 5 months.  And it looks like perhaps he was one of the reasons her mother went a bit crazy.

It was said that Workman didn’t like the age difference between the two and that she even walked in on them in bed together.

But, there is question as to whether or not the two actually did date, considering the actress has said that they were just friends.

Regardless, she’s been having a rough time and hopefully things will start looking up for her soon!

INXS Plans on Breaking Up After 35 Years

Did you know that INXS was still together?  No?  Me neither.  But apparently the group is still together after 35 years.

Well, at least they were together.

During a recent show, Jon Farriss, the group’s drummer, told fans that the group would be calling it quits and that a statement discussing the split would soon be released.  It has been, and can be seen on the band’s website.

INXS has been around since 1977.  Over the years the group has had a string of charter-toppers, such as New Sensation, Need You Tonight, Devil Inside, and the now ironic Never Tear Us Apart.

The group was also rocked by tragedy in 1997 when lead singer Michael Hutchence was found dead in a Sydney hotel room.

What’s next for the group’s members?  Will they ever reunite?  Maybe, but as of right now the fate of the band and its member remains a mystery.


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Photo of Kevin Clash with Elmo from eonline.com

Ariel Winter photo: Mr Photoman / Splash News