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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: The Killer


In last week’s episode, The Killer, Connor-the-hunter took hostages to force a show-down with the town’s vampires and Elena (Nina Dobrev) came face-to-face with the monster within.
Connor’s plans
This episode began where the last one left off -- the conversation between Connor and creepy Professor Shane. Connor was a tad angry with his occult buddy, who failed to tell him that Klaus and his minions were hybrids. Shane claimed ignorance on that point and insisted their deal remained the same -- Shane would tell Connor about his hunter’s mark/magical map tattoo once it grew to completion. Shane pointed out that Connor’s tattoo should grow much quicker, as he sent him to a town crawling with vampires. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

After his chat with Shane, Connor got right back into hunter-mode. He stole some werewolf venom from the hybrid he killed in episode 4 and took his vampire-murder kit to the Mystic Grill. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), Matt (Zach Roerig) and April were all at the Grill that day and Connor took them hostage, thus launching the crisis-of-the-week.

Dear diary
Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena began the day on a much calmer note by writing in their diaries. Elena wrote about how hopeless she felt since becoming a vampire, whereas Stefan wrote that the potential for a cure had given him hope for the first time in ages. Of course, Stefan was still keeping that cure a secret from everyone but Klaus. Klaus gave Stefan a heads-up about Connor’s escape and told Stefan to keep Connor alive at all costs, as the hunter held their only map to the cure.

Back at hostage-central, Connor informed his captives that they all needed to load up on vervain and not just via jewelry that could easily be removed. He said that if Jeremy had more vervain in his system, he might remember the time they spent together the other day. Jeremy was angry to learn he had been compelled, but the topic was dropped while Connor texted all the known vampires in town about the hostage situation. Connor hoped they would try to swoop in for a rescue, giving him the chance to take them out.

Two plans, no waiting
Damon (Ian Somerhalder) gathered the town vampires to come up with a plan for saving the hostages. Damon’s plan was simple -- kill Connor before the hunter killed them. But Stefan arrived and reminded everyone that Connor was fond of booby-traps and could have more werewolf venom. Therefore, they should try to figure out what they were up against before barging in and getting themselves killed. Damon agreed to give his brother one hour for re-con and as part of said re-con, Stefan called Klaus to inform him of the Connor situation.

While Stefan hashed out a secret plan with Klaus, Damon and Elena went to Alaric’s apartment which was conveniently located near the Grill. Also convenient were Alaric’s maps of the town’s tunnel systems, which Damon planned to use to rescue the hostages. Elena wanted in on Damon’s plan, but Damon pointed out that Connor did not know Elena was a vampire and they should try to keep it that way. Elena gave Damon a demonstration of how well she could defend herself before confessing that Jeremy was the only thing holding her together. Damon swore they would find a way to get Jeremy out.

Stefan arrived and laid out his plan for saving the hostages. One of Klaus’ hybrids would enter the Grill via the front door, thus providing a distraction so Stefan and Damon could sneak in using the tunnels. Damon kept asking Stefan why Klaus was involved in his plan and Stefan responded by drugging his brother with vervain. Stefan told Elena that he did not trust his brother to stick to the plan and pointed out that Damon would only be concerned with saving Jeremy, not Matt or April. Stefan then asked Elena to trust him, despite the fact that he was obviously keeping something from her.

Hybrids and hunter lessons
Over at the Lockwood mansion, Caroline (Candice Accola) finally came face-to-face with Tyler’s friend, Hayley. Caroline was quite surprised to learn that Hayley was Tyler’s house-guest but Hayley avoided Caroline, claiming she did not do ‘teen drama’. What Hayley did do was try to convince her random hybrid friend, Dean, not to obey Klaus’ orders. When hybrid-Dean insisted he had no choice, Tyler (Michael Trevino) said he was able to break the sire bond and Dean asked Tyler to prove it. Tyler called Klaus in an attempt to stand up to his former sire but this did not work, as Klaus now had Tyler’s supposed affair with Hayley to hold over his head. Thanks to her vampire hearing, Caroline overheard their conversation and was not impressed. Hayley was also unimpressed when Tyler told Dean to do whatever he wanted, thus allowing him to go to his death.

While everyone was preparing rescue missions, Connor was setting up some funky booby-traps and scaring April with his talk of vampires. Eventually, Connor ordered Matt and April into the back so he could have some alone-time with his favorite hostage. Connor showed Jeremy how he was constructing his traps, still hoping Jeremy would embrace his calling. Jeremy tried to use his time with Connor to convince the hunter that not all vampires were bad, but Connor told a lovely story about how he killed his lady friend because she transitioned and killing vampires is what a hunter does. Hunter 101 classes were interrupted by hybrid-Dean entering the Grill. Despite warnings to be cautious, Dean fell right into one of Connor’s traps and got blown up and shot through the chest. Stefan used the explosion to sneak into the back via the tunnels and told Matt to get April to safety.

Unfortunately, Stefan’s sneakiness ended there and Connor easily spotted him as he entered the restaurant. While firing shots at Stefan, Connor managed to maneuver Jeremy onto one of his traps, one that would explode were Jeremy to move.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Save one, kill another
Elena heard the first explosion, which was loud enough to wake Damon from his vervain-induced sleep. As they prepared to go after Stefan, Damon and Elena realized that Stefan stole Damon’s daylight ring, which meant Elena would have to go in alone. Elena overheard Stefan and Connor arguing and used that as a cover to enter the Grill.

Once Connor noticed her, he threatened to shoot Jeremy right in front of Elena unless Stefan gave himself up. As Stefan prepared to do just that, Elena attacked Connor and Stefan pulled Jeremy off the explosive device. Stefan than intervened in Elena’s fight with Connor and whooshed the hunter away. Though Jeremy avoided the explosion, he got hit by one of the bullets flying about.

Elena used her vampire blood to heal her brother and then got an earful about Jeremy’s supposed future as a hunter and Connor’s invisible tattoo. While Elena took care of Jeremy, Stefan tried to escape with Connor. But even without his daylight ring, Damon caught up and Stefan had to let Connor go while he dealt with his brother. Damon managed to plunge his fist into Stefan’s chest and Stefan finally admitted the truth about why he was so desperate to keep Connor alive. Damon was more than a little shocked to learn there could be a cure for vampirism.

As the brothers fought it out, Elena ran into a fleeing Connor and bit him as a scare-tactic to keep him away from Jeremy. Connor responded to her threats by calling her a monster and trying to kill her, but the hunter missed and Elena snapped his neck. Despite everyone’s best efforts, Elena took a human life and it left her devastated. The brothers walked in on Elena trying to bury Connor and she was in no mood to be comforted. Once Stefan and Damon returned home, Damon agreed to help Stefan in his search for the cure.

In a completely separate storyline…
In order to keep Bonnie (Kat Graham) away from Connor’s attack, Professor Shane invited her to ‘witch therapy’. Shane believed he could help Bonnie start practicing again via an unorthodox method -- hypnotism. Though Bonnie insisted the hypnotism was not working, Shane pointed out that seven hours had passed since she arrived. Bonnie was impressed but I wondered what occurred in the seven hours Bonnie was alone with shady Shane.

After some coaxing, Bonnie tried that old candle-lighting spell from season one and was elated when almost every candle in the room lit up. But again, I wondered if this was Bonnie’s doing or if Shane had manipulated her in some way. What are Shane’s ultimate goals when it comes to Bonnie? What part will she play in his plans? And will the two have hot witch-professor sex before the truth comes out?

The future of hybrids and hunters
Back at the Lockwood mansion, Caroline walked in on Tyler comforting Hayley over Dean’s death. Hayley quickly excused herself and Caroline ripped into Tyler for cheating on her. Once Caroline calmed down, Tyler explained that he never slept with Hayley but he let Klaus believe that so he would not catch on to the truth. Tyler and Hayley planned to help the other hybrids break their sire-bond to Klaus but if Klaus got wind of their plan, he would kill them all. (Congrats on not being a cheating douche-bag, Lockwood.)

After surviving the hostage crisis, April had her memory erased and Matt and Jeremy bonded over being sick of secrets. At one point, Jeremy looked down at his hand and saw the beginnings of the magical map-tattoo. It seems Connor was telling the truth about another hunter waiting in the wings and Jeremy is said hunter. Does this mean a feud is brewing between the Gilbert siblings?
The episode ended with Elena writing in her diary again. As she wrote, she began seeing droplets of blood on the paper. Elena followed a massive blood trail into her bathroom and was shocked to see the word ‘killer’ written on her mirror. The good news is that it was all an illusion.

The bad news -- Killing a hunter results in more than a guilty conscience.

How will Elena get rid of her hallucinations? How will Klaus react when he learns Connor is dead? And just how much longer can Stefan keep Elena in the dark about the cure?

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