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Boardwalk Empire Episode 11 Recap: Season Finale Part I


In Episode 11 (entitled 'Two Imposters') of Boardwalk Empire we pick up where we left off last week with the shocking murder of Owen Sleater, who was delivered to Nucky in a box. It's crazy to suggest, but Episode 11 managed to top Episode 10, which you could argue was already the best in the history of this series.

From start to finish, Part I of the season finale (as I am referring to this as) was as suspenseful of an episode of TV you'll ever see. While it was just 50 minutes long, it was one hell of a 50 minutes of television.

Boardwalk Empire

At the beginning of the episode he asks Eddie if he knew about Owen and Margaret's affair. Eddie simply responds that his life revolves around serving Nucky. Then a moment later, all hell breaks loose as Gyp Rosetti's crew busts into Nucky's mansion.

Nucky and Eddie run for their lives. And, Eddie winds up getting shot and he needs help ASAP.

Chalky Helps Nucky in a Great Time of Need

Just last week Nucky pissed off Chalky when he denied his request to build a club at the former location of Babette's, which was destroyed by Gyp.

Turn the tables a week later and Nucky is on the run with a bloodied and wounded Eddie. Nucky turns to Chalky for help. Chalky thought Nucky was dead like so many others in AC now that Rosetti has placed the city under siege.

Gyp Rosetti is hot onto Nucky's tail and heads over to Chalky's compound and asks for his whereabouts, while Eddie is having surgery performed to remove the bullet. Chalky manages to use his people skills to put Gyp at bay and assure him that he has no clue where Nucky is hiding. Gyp puts a bounty on Nucky's head. $25,000 - dead or alive.

Gillian Throws Richard Harrow Out of the House

Gyp Rosetti and his cronies barge into Gillian's whorehouse and tell her they are running things now that Nucky is on the outs. He assures her that she finally has a "pal" running things. She has little choice but to acquiesce. In little time her place resembles a scene from Caligula when one of Rosetti's thugs is having sex with a prostitute in a room with other people just hanging out.

Gillian realizes that Richard is a threat and has him thrown out of the house. She tells Rosetti's guys to do it - telling them that Rosetti wants him out, but they have no clue who he is. 

As I predicted this would happen. Look for Richard to return to the whorehouse next week as he will kill Gillian and take Tommy with he and his girlfriend.

Before Richard leaves, he gathers his arsenal. It's on!

Lucky Gets Pinched For Five Pounds of Pure Heroine

Lucky and Mayer are trying to get their fledgling heroine operation off the ground. Mayer stresses that they must play it cool following the death of Nucky's right hand man Owen.

Lucky tries to sell five pounds worth of heroine to a few shady characters. One of them allegedly (we find out later he can) can't talk because his throat was slashed. The man without a voice tests the stuff and agrees to the deal.

Lucky shows up with the five pounds of heroine the next time they meet and the "silent" drug buyer turns out to be a cop. He tells Lucky he's under arrest.

Eli Returns From Chicago With Al Capone and the Calvalry

Nucky and Chalky are holed up in a warehouse with Eli's oldest son when Eli comes back from Chi-town with Al Capone. Eli is a little ticked that he Nucky is involving his oldest son in this mess.

Al gets out of the car and simply asks, "who needs to die?"

Thus concludes Part I of the season finale.

For part I of the season finale, I give this one a "5." How could you not? This episode delivered on every single level. From the chase scenes to the suspense it was a tour de force.

The cherry on the top was Al's line at the end.

Next week it looks like all hell is gonna break loose in AC.  This could be one of the epic season finales in TV history. Let's hope it lives up to the build-up.

Show scale:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

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