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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes


In the last episode, We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Elena (Nina Dobrev) suffered the consequences of killing a hunter while her friends went to great lengths to save her.

Elena pulls a Norman Bates
The episode began with Elena continuing to suffer terrifying hallucinations thanks to her murder of Connor-the-hunter. But these hallucinations were also violent, so much so that Elena stabbed hallucination-Connor during a fight. But since Connor was a figment of Elena’s imagination, the person who actually got stabbed was Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen)!

Luckily, little Gilbert was still wearing his magic ring so he would be okay. While she waited for her brother to resurrect, Elena panicked and called Damon (Ian Somerhalder), who then gave Stefan a heads-up about the Jeremy situation. Both brothers rushed over to the Gilbert home but Elena made a quick exit, claiming she needed to wash Jeremy’s blood off her hands. Stefan (Paul Wesley) followed Elena upstairs in an attempt to comfort her but Elena was still upset over Stefan’s recent deception and secret-keeping, so she was in no mood to talk. While Elena avoided Stefan by taking a shower, Jeremy resurrected, somewhat confused but seemingly okay.Vampire Diairies photo: CW

Klaus had an eventful day
Over at the Lockwood mansion, Hayley was acting a bit odd, which confused Tyler until he realized she was putting on a show for Klaus. That show continued when Caroline (Candice Accola) arrived with a box of Tyler’s things and Klaus jumped to the assumption that Caroline dumped Tyler after she learned about Hayley. Klaus left, having bought into their ruse and Caroline thanked Hayley for the warning about Klaus’ homecoming.

After leaving the Lockwood mansion, Klaus placed a call to Stefan and asked if Elena’s hallucinations had started yet. Klaus then stopped by the Gilbert home to fill Stefan in on the consequences of killing a hunter. If a vampire killed a hunter, that vampire would suffer from the ‘hunter’s curse’ and be plagued by hallucinations until the vampire took his or her own life. Klaus knew all of this because of that time he murdered each member of ‘The Five.’

While Klaus and Stefan were arguing over what was best for Elena, Elena’s hallucinations drove her out of her home and Klaus scooped her up to take her back to his mansion. Klaus had one of his hybrids lock Elena into a windowless room, claiming it was for her own good. Klaus then shared his experience with the hunter’s curse and Elena asked how Klaus got rid of it. Klaus explained that the curse tormented him for over 50 years and then it simply disappeared. This was bad news for Elena.

Shane, the know-it-all
After Klaus took Elena, the Salvatore boys called Bonnie to fill her in on the situation. Bonnie (Kat Graham) was still unable to use magic but she said she could talk to Professor Shane, who seemed to know everything about everything. Professor Shane was hosting a free exhibit at the school that day and Jeremy, Matt and April were helping. Before Bonnie and Damon arrived, April remembered that Professor Shane knew her father and Matt (Zach Roerig) thought that seemed rather suspicious. As Shane finished up his lecture, Bonnie caught his attention and brought him to see Damon, someone she claimed was also an expert on the occult.

After Shane recognized the hunter’s mark, Damon asked him if he knew anything about the hunter’s curse and Shane was full of information, as usual. Legend said if a hunter was killed by a vampire, that vampire would be doomed to walk the earth in torment until a new hunter was awakened and the hunter legacy was passed on. Shane went to get his research on the hunter’s curse, giving Damon time to let Bonnie know that Jeremy was a potential hunter.

It’s hard being a (random) hybrid
While Bonnie and Damon worked with Shane, Stefan called Caroline and informed her of the day’s events. Caroline thought she had a way to ‘rescue’ Elena from Klaus’ clutches that involved one of Klaus’ many hybrids. Apparently, Hayley had started working with another hybrid on breaking the sire-bond and her efforts had been successful. Hybrid-Chris was no longer sired to Klaus and therefore, could help Stefan get to Elena. Unfortunately, that meant Caroline was on Klaus-control yet again. With Klaus distracted by Caroline, Stefan and Tyler (Michael Trevino) approached hybrid-Chris and got him to agree to let Stefan see Elena. But Elena was still experiencing those terrifying hallucinations and instead of letting Stefan help her, Elena stabbed him and ran away.

Back at school, Bonnie told Jeremy they discovered a way to break the hunter’s curse and save Elena, but it meant that Jeremy would have to kill a vampire. While Bonnie told Jeremy what he needed to do, Damon got a call about Elena’s escape and Stefan told Damon to go after her, as Damon was someone Elena trusted. Stefan then texted Caroline because they needed a vampire to kill and Klaus had all those random hybrids under his control. Klaus was not pleased that Caroline had been deceiving him but he seemed less angry when she said they found a way to break the hunter’s curse.Vampire Diairies photo: CW

Elena’s hallucinations drove her to Wickery Bridge, the sight of so many deaths. The hallucinations had Elena convinced that she was a monster who deserved to die, so she removed her daylight ring and waited for the sun to rise. But Damon found Elena easily enough and tried to get through to her. As Damon tried talking Elena down, Stefan and Klaus made arrangements for Jeremy to make his kill. Klaus chose hybrid-Chris -- as an un-sired hybrid was useless to him -- and Stefan helped Jeremy kill him, much to Tyler and Hayley’s horror.

With hybrid-Chris dead, the hunter’s curse was broken and Elena’s hallucinations were gone. And thanks to some quick-thinking, Damon saved Elena from hallucination-induced suicide. Now hallucination-free, Elena thanked Damon for saving her life and Damon decided to tell Elena the truth about Stefan’s recent behavior. Damon explained that everything Stefan had done was for Elena because there might be a cure for her current vampire-state. Needless to say, Elena was shocked by this information.

A bad day for everyone
Caroline arrived at the Lockwood mansion to find Tyler and Hayley grieving for another fallen friend. Caroline failed to understand Tyler’s grief, as everything they did was to save Elena’s life but Tyler was not happy that they had to sacrifice hybrid-Chris in the process. Tyler was also not pleased that Caroline got Klaus to sacrifice his hybrid by agreeing to go on a date with him. (Perhaps a Caroline/Tyler split is on the horizon after all.)

After April raised his suspicions about Professor Shane’s connection to Pastor Young, Matt did some digging and learned that the two men were in contact a lot prior to Pastor Young’s death. When Matt shared this information with Damon, Professor Shane jumped to the top of everyone’s ‘Potential Evil-Doer’ list. This information is something the boys might want to share with Bonnie, who has now become very close with Shady Shane.

In fact, Shane had a little chat with his favorite witch to let her know that he knew she and her friends had activated a new hunter. Shane claimed that when this new hunter completed his map-tattoo, Bonnie should bring him straight to Shane, as the good professor was the only one who could help. Bonnie had no problem trusting Shane, which makes me think that he has her mind-controlled thanks to that seven-hour hypnotherapy session.

The episode concluded on a bit of a sour note, with Elena and Stefan finally have that long-avoided conversation. Stefan stopped by the Gilbert home to check on Elena and she apologized for the whole stabbing incident. Stefan knew Damon told Elena about the cure and he was no longer concerned about how Klaus would react. The two then proceeded to have their most mature breakup to date, with Elena confessing that her feelings for Damon had been magnified after her transition. As the now-former couple processed this information, viewers were left to wonder which shape the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle would take for the remainder of the season.

(On a site-note, in watching the Stefan/Elena breakup in this episode, I was struck by how little it affected me. This was just the latest in a long line of breakups between these two but it made me think back to one of their more memorable splits in season 2’s “Plan B”. That breakup left me completely devastated and heartbroken at the thought of those two kids not working things out. So what changed in the past two seasons? In the end, I believe it comes down to the writing.

The writing for Stefan and Elena as a couple has been very inconsistent since early season 3, as that was when Stefan stopped being a character and started being a plot device. Since then, the writers have molded Stefan’s characterization to fit the plot rather than the other way around. Sadly, Stefan was not the only character to suffer this fate but it is the main reason, at least for me, that the Stefan/Elena relationship stopped being as compelling as it once was.)

Am I alone in this? How did this break-up make you feel? Do you want to see Stefan and Elena work their way back to one another or do you hope this is the final nail in the Stelena coffin?

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