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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: The Five


In last week’s episode, The Five, Stefan (Paul Wesley) learned more about the mysterious group of hunters while Elena (Nina Dobrev) took lessons in feeding and leaving her victims alive.

The episode began with the Salvatore brothers learning that Connor-the-hunter was very much alive. This meant trouble, but it also meant that they might get some answers about The Five. Unfortunately, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) was taking Bonnie and Elena to Whitmore College -- so Bonnie could talk to a creepy-hot professor and Damon could teach Elena how to feed without killing -- which meant that Stefan was put on Five-finding duty.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Before she left with Damon and Bonnie, Stefan wondered why Elena went to Damon for help instead of seeking out Caroline. Elena explained that Caroline was simply ‘too good’ at being a vampire and therefore, she did not understand what a struggle it was for everyone else. And Stefan and Elena both knew why Stefan was not an option, making Damon the best choice. It was decided that Elena needed to learn how to drink responsibly ASAP,  but Stefan warned Elena not to get caught up in the blood.

Putting the gang back together
Klaus confronted Rebekah and let her in on the fact that the ‘Brotherhood of the Five’ still existed. Rebekah was clearly intrigued by this development but she was still furious with Klaus and wanted nothing to do with his plans. Stefan, on the other hand, was very interested in Klaus’ activities, especially when it came to Connor-the-hunter.

Klaus told Stefan that he and his family had first encountered The Five back in the 12th century but that Connor was the first of these highly-skilled hunters he had seen in 900 years. Klaus agreed to tell Stefan what he knew of The Five if Stefan got Rebekah to cooperate. Thanks to an affair she had with one of the hunters back in the day, Rebekah knew their secrets but she would only share that information if she thought she and Klaus had made peace. Stefan reluctantly agreed to help.

When Stefan approached Rebekah, Rebekah questioned why she should help someone who hated her and Stefan said that he could give her a clean slate. Stefan even offered to talk to Matt on Rebekah’s behalf, something Rebekah was very interested in. So Rebekah joined Klaus and Stefan for dinner and the Originals forged a tentative reconciliation. Klaus then told Stefan about Rebekah’s former lover, Alexander-the-Hunter.

Back in the 12th century, Alexander told the Originals about his order and said they had the ultimate weapon in killing vampires. Stefan wanted to know more about this weapon but Klaus chose to withhold that information, saying only that Connor’s tattoo was a map that would lead to said weapon. Unfortunately, the only person who could see Connor’s invisible tattoo was Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), so Klaus had Jeremy captured and brought to his place.

Lots of answers, even more questions
At Klaus’ insistence, Jeremy began to sketch Connor’s tattoo. This gave Jeremy the opportunity to question Connor on where the tattoo came from and why Jeremy was the only one who could see it. Connor told Jeremy what was told to him by a man he served with in Iraq -- that if you could see the tattoo, you were a potential hunter. Connor claimed he lost track of his old military buddy and one day, the tattoo just appeared on his skin. It started on his hand and grew with every vampire he killed.

While Jeremy was questioning Connor, Klaus told Stefan what Rebekah learned through Alexander. During one of their rendezvous, Alexander showed Rebekah a sword he said was the key to reading his map-tattoo. Alexander also showed Rebekah a very special dagger he used to subdue Rebekah and the rest of her siblings. Luckily, Klaus’ hybrid-DNA counteracted the dagger’s effects and Klaus killed each member of The Five before ‘rescuing’ his siblings. After several flashbacks that once again showed how abusive Klaus is to his sister, Rebekah revealed that the ‘ultimate weapon’ was, in fact, a cure.

Once Rebekah realized Klaus had no intention of letting her in on his plans, Rebekah left and Klaus informed Stefan that she was the only one who knew the location of the magical map-revealing sword. Klaus told Stefan that it was his responsibility to get back in Rebekah’s good graces and learn the location of the sword, assuming he wanted the cure for Elena. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Stefan made a call and Rebekah showed up at casa-de-Salvatore. After settling in, Rebekah confessed that she once wanted the cure so badly she was willing to leave behind her entire family. Stefan wanted the cure for Elena, so they never had to face the possibility that she might kill someone and switch off her humanity.

Stefan also confessed that if there was a chance he and Elena could grow old and die together, he might take the cure, as well. Rebekah was envious of Stefan and Elena’s love and said she once felt something similar for Alexander. Rebekah’s love for Alexander was so strong that she buried him, along with his sword, in the place where they were going to be married.

After revealing the sword’s location, Rebekah realized that Stefan was using her and Klaus showed up to confirm that suspicion. While Stefan looked truly ashamed of playing on Rebekah’s feelings, Klaus felt nothing of the sort and chose to dagger his sister once again. Klaus told Stefan to look after his sister’s body and make sure no one found out about the cure, while Klaus went off in search of the sword. Apparently, Stefan was willing to join Team Klaus again if it meant finding a cure to save Elena.

A bloody good time
While Stefan spent his day with Klaus and Rebekah, Elena and Damon crashed Bonnie’s trip to Whitmore College. Bonnie (Kat Graham) was going there to meet up with Professor Shane, the man who took over her grandmother’s Occult Studies classes. Damon and Elena, on the other hand, spent most of Professor Shane’s lecture picking out potential victims. They decided on a pretty blonde but Elena saw a picture of the blonde’s sister and could not go through with the feed. Fortunately, Bonnie showed up with a flier advertising a Halloween-themed costume party at a frat house and Damon deemed it the perfect hunting ground.

Once at the ‘Murder House,’ Bonnie went off to meet Professor Shane while Damon helped Elena stalk potential victims. Elena picked a frat guy she caught dolling out drugs to unsuspecting party-goers and she led him to a secluded back-room. Elena drank from the guy and sent him back to the party with no knowledge of the incident, thus completing her first successful feed on a stranger. Elena chose to celebrate by telling Damon that she wanted more.

Bad decisions
While Damon and Elena binged on party-goers, Professor Shane showed Bonnie some of the things her grandmother left behind. Professor Shane used the opportunity to ask Bonnie if she practiced like her grandmother had, claiming he was a true believer. Bonnie confessed that she no longer practiced, thanks to some unfortunate consequences and Professor Shane hinted that there were other ways to practice magic. He said he would be willing to share what he knew, if Bonnie was up for it. (Poor Bonnie. Is it really that hard to find a non-creepy person to bond with over magic?)

After leaving Professor Shane, Bonnie walked in on Elena and Damon covered in the blood of their oblivious victims. The look on Bonnie’s face was enough to snap Elena out of her blood-induced haze and she was horrified by her actions. Elena told Bonnie she should be going through this with Stefan, not Damon and Damon overheard. Bonnie was furious that Damon let Elena get so out of control but Damon claimed that the reason he did not become a Ripper like his brother was because he knew how to make the hunt fun.

Damon took Elena home and she apologized for letting things get so out of hand. In truth, Elena believed that Damon was right about what a vampire should be but she also hated that feeling. Stefan interrupted their conversation and Damon left. Elena then told Stefan that she learned to feed without hurting anyone, but that he was right and she lost control during the feed. Elena broke down and Stefan comforted her, telling her that she just needed to hold on a little longer.

Connor’s friend
After Klaus left to find the sword, his hybrids were tasked with looking after Connor. Sadly for the hybrids, the hunter was smarter than they gave him credit for and he killed at least one of them before escaping. Upon his escape, Connor made a visit to Professor Shane. Professor Shane asked Connor why he was not off killing vampires and the episode ended with Connor asking the creepy-hot professor why he sent Connor to Mystic Falls.

What is the connection between Connor and Professor Shane? Does this mysterious cure actually exist or is it just a trick? And just how many hybrids does Klaus have?

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