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'Vampire Diaries' Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street


In last week’s episode, We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street, the Salvatore brothers took a trip to New Orleans while Elena (Nina Dobrev) hosted a girls’ night for her friends.
The morning after

 The episode began with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena’s ‘morning after’, in which more sex was had and both vampires were seemingly very happy. But Caroline and Stefan were not happy. Caroline (Candice Accola) was worried about what affect the sire-bond was having on Elena and she wanted to talk to Tyler, in the hopes that he might know what to do. Stefan (Paul Wesley) swore Caroline to secrecy about said sire-bond and Caroline reluctantly agreed.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Damon and Elena agreed to keep this new element of their relationship a secret from Stefan, at least for the day. Their happiness was interrupted by Stefan’s arrival at the Salvatore mansion and Elena made a quick exit.

Stefan told Damon his suspicions about the sire-bond and challenged Damon to prove him wrong with a blood-bag test. If Elena was sired to Damon and Damon told her it was okay to drink from the blood-bag, Elena should be able to.

Morning snack

Upon her arrival at school, Elena asked Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Caroline if they had plans for the night because she was in need of some girl-talk. The girls were in and Elena said they could raid the Salvatore wine-cellar since the Salvatore mansion was now Elena’s home-away-from-home. Elena then spotted Damon in the hallway and the girl-talk was tabled until later that night.

Damon convinced Elena to give the blood-bag another shot and low-and-behold, Elena drank from it without any problems. This development made Elena ridiculously happy, as it meant she no longer had to hurt people just to survive, but it made Damon less happy because it meant Elena was sired to him. Meanwhile, Caroline called Stefan after an off-screen chat with Tyler and told him that there was no vampire equivalent for the gratitude the hybrids felt toward Klaus, so they still did not know what caused vampire-to-vampire sire-bonds.


The last of Klaus’ sired hybrids, Adrian, was going through the incredibly painful sire-breaking process and wanted it to end. Kim, the female hybrid who broke her sire-bond in the previous episode, decided Adrian had enough and could finish the process another day. Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Hayley were not pleased with this decision.

Shane found Hayley creeping around his office and she told him that she had one more sired hybrid to break. Shane told her not to worry about it because they already had the 12 un-sired hybrids they would need, but Hayley claimed they only had 11, since Tyler was not part of the plan.Hayley also reminded Shane that he had not given her any information on her birth parents, as per their deal and Shane produced an encoded flash-drive. Shane claimed everything she wanted to know about her parents was on that drive and he would give it to her once she delivered the 12 un-sired hybrids.


Stefan returned to the Salvatore mansion to find Damon sorting through old records. Damon told Stefan he was right about the sire-bond and also revealed that Elena was not the first vampire to be sired to him. Back in 1942 New Orleans, Damon turned a girl who adored him and she wound up being sired to him. Damon found a witch back then who helped him break the girl’s sire-bond and Damon said that they were headed back to New Orleans to break Elena’s.

Once in New Orleans, Damon and Stefan continued to argue about Elena’s sire-bond as they searched for the shop Damon’s witch-friend used to run. They had no luck in finding said shop so they decided to go looking for Charlotte, the girl once sired to Damon. Back in 1942, Damon left Charlotte on a street corner, promising to meet up with her later, but he never did. They found a still-sired Charlotte re-visiting that same street corner to be close to Damon and realized that Charlotte knew the city better than anyone. She told them where to find what they were looking for.


Unfortunately, the witch who helped Damon all those years ago had passed on, but her daughter was now running her old shop. This witch, Nandi, told the brothers that she did not do the kind of magic they would need to break the sire-bond, as it drew on incredible darkness. Back in the day, Damon killed 12 innocent people because he was told it was a necessary sacrifice to break Charlotte’s sire-bond and Stefan was not pleased. Luckily for Stefan, Nandi told the boys that her mother tricked Damon and there was no spell to break a sire-bond. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Nandi’s mother wanted access to the ultimate darkness and Damon gave her that by killing those 12 people. The kind of magic Nandi’s mother practiced was so unnatural that witches did not call it magic -- they called it ‘expression.'

Nandi told the boys that the only reason a sire-bond developed between vampires was if the sired party already had strong human feelings for her sire before her transformation. She also said that the only way around the sire-bond was for Damon to leave his sired-vampire behind and tell her to move on with her life.

Using Nandi’s theory, Damon was able to set Charlotte free, but Stefan was not convinced he could do the same with Elena. Stefan’s comments about Damon’s selfishness lead Damon to reveal the moment back in 1942 when he put Stefan’s recovery before his own selfish needs. Stefan was surprised by this and admitted that he was being unfair about the sire-bond but all he wanted was for Elena to be able to make her own choices. Damon claimed he knew what had to be done and the boys headed home.

Girls’ night gone wrong

Elena kicked off girls’ night by letting her friends know that she could now drink from blood-bags. The girls decided to celebrate with alcohol and some ‘spirit tea’ Bonnie got from Shane. The girls were having a blast until Caroline started in on the Damon-bashing again. In an extremely insensitive moment, Elena asked Caroline why she slept with Damon if she hated him so much and Caroline failed to have any sort of appropriate reaction for when your friend reminds you of that time her new love interest abused you. Elena also let it slip that she slept with Damon.

Bonnie and Caroline tried to make nice with Elena but she was still upset. Elena knew that Caroline and Bonnie hated Damon but she did not and in fact, Elena thought she was falling in love with him. That confession made Caroline spill the beans about Elena being sired to Damon, which Elena refused to believe. Caroline was quick to say that none of this was Elena’s fault because Damon took advantage of her and Elena told Caroline to leave.

Hostile hybrids

After Kim prevented Adrian from breaking his sire-bond, Hayley told Tyler that Kim was challenging his Alpha status and Tyler needed to put Kim in her place. Tyler did just that, but his actions angered Kim and she wanted revenge. Kim and Adrian must have tracked Caroline to the Salvatore mansion, where they attacked the girls and took Caroline hostage.

After Caroline was taken, Elena called Tyler for help and they began looking for Caroline and the hybrids. During their search, Tyler told Elena that Kim was challenging his leadership but that if he could get her and the other hybrids to submit to his Alpha status, they could finally work on getting free of Klaus. Tyler said it should be easy, since they all hate Klaus and that led to a discussion about how the sire-bond has no influence over your feelings, just your actions.

Tyler and Elena figured out where Kim and Adrian had taken Caroline and they went in for the rescue. Kim’s plan was to torture Caroline, both to show Tyler who was in charge and to hurt Klaus. Elena interrupted the torture session and said that if Kim really wanted to hurt Klaus, Kim should torture Elena because Klaus was obsessed with keeping Elena safe. Elena’s interference provided the distraction Tyler needed to take Kim down. With all of the hybrids in attendance, Tyler proved his dominance and forced Kim to submit. The other hybrids followed Kim’s lead and Tyler became the official pack Alpha.

Shane’s plan

After the hostage drama, Caroline and Elena reconciled and Elena asked Caroline not to tell Stefan that Elena slept with Damon. Elena promised she would tell him, but said she needed to figure things out first. Bonnie was pleased that Elena and Caroline made up and told them a little more about her work with Shane. Like the fact that Shane was helping her learn ‘expression’. (We all knew shady Shane was up to no good, but will Bonnie realize he’s using her before it’s too late?)

Hayley paid Shane another visit and said Adrian finished breaking the sire-bond, so she could deliver 12 un-sired hybrids without involving Tyler. Hayley demanded to know about her parents and Shane told her they were dead. But before Hayley could get too upset, Shane suggested that just because her parents were dead did not mean she could not see them again and said some cryptic stuff about this being ‘just the beginning’. The beginning of what, we still do not know.

The long goodbye

Once back in town, Damon returned to the Salvatore mansion to see Elena. Elena told him she already knew about the sire-bond and Damon said there was no way to break it. Elena relayed what Tyler told her about the bond having no effect over her feelings and she assured Damon that what she felt for him was real. Damon did not want to hurt Elena by ending things between them, but said he had to do the right thing by her. Elena responded by trying to convince Damon that being with her was the right thing.

With Elena’s actions in question, will Damon do the right thing and let her go? Will Elena want to be with Damon without the sire-bond influencing her choices? Will Tyler’s new Alpha-status help or hurt his plans to bring Klaus down? And just what does Shane have planned for Bonnie and those 12 un-sired hybrids? Let’s hope we get some answers in the mid-season finale.


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