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NORAD or Google Santa Tracker: Either Way The Kids Win on Christmas


As I stated yesterday in The Watercooler, things are a little different this year with regards to the Santa Tracker

Santa NORAD Tracker 2012

Since 2007, NORAD and Google teamed up to track Santa during his global journey. Just last Wednesday, NORAD announced that they and Google mutually parted ways with the Santa Tracker earlier this year.

And, thus began the Santa tracker showdown. NORAD decided to team up with Google's biggest rival Bing in order to track Old Saint Nick's whereabouts on Christmas Eve.

And, Google is teaming up with...Google to track Santa, because Google can do anything they want. In actuality they decided to launch their own tracker, which caused the breakup with NORAD.

There is a slight difference between each Santa tracker. As of 11:53 AM EST time, Santa was located in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia according to NORAD. However, if you go to Google's Santa tracker, which utilizes Google Maps - he was located between Hanoi and Lhasa, which is in Southern China. Maybe Google knows something that NORAD doesn't? Or, vice versa?

NORAD's tracking feature will also feature information about the elevation and direction of Santa's journey, along with Wikipedia, weather, and photos of his various destinations. Also, there is a counter showing how many gifts have been delivered.

Google's Santa Tracker has a nice feature which allows you to click on the location and it gives you a separate page with the weather and a count of how many gifts were delivered to the exact second. Much like NORAD's tracker, Google has a real-time count of how many packages were delivered.

According to Google, over 600,000 presents were delivered by Noon EST, while NORAD states over 1.7 billion were delivered at the same time.

Snowball's Chance Ad

Regardless of who you decide to use for tracking Santa's whereabouts this Christmas Eve, your kids will win in the end on Christmas.

Christmas is bigger than NORAD, Google or any corporate or government entity.

It's all about the kids and certainly not about competition between Santa trackers.

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