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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: My Brother's Keeper


In last week’s episode, My Brother’s Keeper, Stefan (Paul Wesley) forced Jeremy down a very dangerous path and Elena (Nina Dobrev) continued to grow closer to Damon.

A bad start to the day
The episode began with an unhappy Caroline (Candice Accola) speaking to Stefan about his refusal to attend the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant thanks to his break-up with Elena. As Stefan’s ‘sober sponsor’, Caroline told him not to give into his blood-lust and as his friend, Caroline said she would talk to Elena about the break-up. Meanwhile, Klaus paid Stefan a violent visit to suggest that he get little Gilbert more vampires to kill so they would be one step closer to finding a cure for Elena.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Stefan’s day got even worse thanks to a chat with his brother. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) filled Stefan in on the connection between Professor Shane and Pastor Young, but Stefan told Damon he would have to deal with shady Shane on his own. Damon offered to put aside his interrogation plans for the day so he could keep his brother company but Stefan was not interested. Stefan accused Damon of being thrilled about his break-up with Elena and blew off his brother’s seemingly genuine invitation.

Pageant prep
As they got things ready for the pageant at the Lockwood mansion, Elena filled Caroline in on the reasons behind her break-up with Stefan. Even though Elena still loved Stefan, she could not lie to him about her connection to Damon and she had to figure out what her feelings for Damon really meant. Their conversation was interrupted by the appearance of Professor Shane, who somehow landed a job as a judge in the pageant. Elena remarked about how odd it was that shady Shane seemed to be involved in all of the town’s recent happenings. (Keep up those suspicions, Gilbert.)

But Elena was not the only one Caroline coerced into helping with the pageant, as Matt (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) were also there to set things up. This gave Jeremy the opportunity to show-case his new hunter-strength. Matt was concerned that Jeremy might end up like Connor-the-dead-hunter, which is not such a good thing when one lives with a vampire.

Caroline and Elena took a break from their organizational duties to help April pick out a dress. When Damon showed up looking for Professor Shane, Damon said April should wear the red dress and Elena suddenly changed her mind to agree with him. Elena then pulled Damon aside so the two could talk about her break-up with Stefan. Elena wanted Damon to know that he was the cause of her split with his brother. Their conversation was interrupted by shady Shane (does that guy have crazy timing, or what?) and Damon left Elena to seek answers from the new expert on everything ever.

Mixed doubles
Klaus arrived at the Lockwood mansion and told Caroline he wanted to cash in on that date she promised him. At first, Caroline ignored him but when Klaus brought up her recent difficulties with Tyler, Caroline agreed to let Klaus escort her to the pageant. While Klaus was preparing for his date, Hayley was helping another random hybrid through the extremely painful process of sire-bond breaking. Tyler (Michael Trevino) arrived and informed Hayley that Caroline would be with Klaus for the day and Hayley suggested they make a brief appearance at the pageant. Since the pageant was being held at Tyler’s home, Tyler agreed.

Jeremy missed all the fun
While his friends were on pageant-duty, Stefan snuck into the hospital and found a confessed murderer to turn into a vampire! (I guess if you need to have your ex-girlfriend’s brother kill a vampire, you pick a guy the world will not miss.) Meanwhile, Jeremy was supposed to go to the pageant as April’s date but a text message from Stefan had him reporting to the Lockwood cellar instead. It was there that Stefan presented Jeremy with a new vampire to kill, all in the name of saving Elena. Jeremy was not thrilled about the prospect but his hunter’s instincts kicked in and he got the job done.

After everyone arrived at the pageant, Carol Lockwood kicked things off and as the reigning Miss Mystic, Caroline introduced the court of contestants. With Jeremy off killing random vampires, Matt stepped in as April’s date, much to her delight. When Jeremy failed to show up, Elena began to worry about her brother but Damon managed to calm her down with just a few words. Caroline observed this moment between Damon and Elena and it caused a fight between the girls. Klaus intervened before the argument could get out of hand and Elena left.

Distractions and lies
Over drinks, Caroline gave Klaus the run-down on the recent changes in Elena’s personality, including her new-found closeness with Damon. Klaus found all of this rather amusing but refused to tell Caroline why. However, Klaus did tell her that he was working on finding the cure for Elena. Caroline then asked Klaus if he would ever take the cure and he ignored the question to tease her about her former human life.
Tyler watched many of these Klaus-Caroline moments and was not impressed.

But instead of watching his faux-ex, Tyler should have been paying attention to his actual date, who Damon spied chatting with Professor Shane. Later, when Tyler questioned Hayley about her connection to Shane, Hayley claimed they had just met. Of course, as we soon learned, Hayley and Shane are working together on a mysterious plan -- one that Hayley would rather leave Tyler out of. Has Hayley developed real feelings for Tyler and if so, will she let him in on those mysterious plans?

After a few failed attempts at information gathering, Damon finally confronted Shane and got the good professor to tell him a bit more about the hunters. Shane claimed he did not know where to find the other hunters and as there were only ever 5 in existence, finding more than one in a lifetime was next to impossible. Shane also said he knew Damon was after the cure but claimed it was sealed with a spell that only a Bennett witch could break. If Damon wanted the cure, he would have to keep shady Shane around so Shane could help Bonnie get back in touch with her witchy abilities.

Behind-the-scenes drama
At the pageant’s conclusion, April was crowned the winner but Elena was too distracted by a Jeremy sighting to help April celebrate her victory.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

When Elena finally cornered her brother, he confessed that all he could think about was killing vampires, to the point where his hunter instincts were telling him to drive a stake through Elena’s heart. Elena tried to talk her brother down but when she had a bad reaction to the sight of his blood, a fight erupted. Jeremy stabbed Elena and was close to killing her when Matt intervened. Matt tried to get through to Jeremy but it took Stefan literally pulling Jeremy off to get him away from Elena. Matt dragged Jeremy out of there and Stefan stayed behind to help Elena recover from the fight.

After Jeremy’s attack, Stefan told Elena that he forced Jeremy to kill a vampire in his continued attempt to find the cure. Elena was shocked by Stefan’s actions and said she was not willing to risk her brother losing his humanity just so she could re-store hers. Elena told Stefan that the person she had been as a human was gone and he needed to let her go.

Living arrangements
After all the commotion, Matt arrived at the Gilbert home to find Jeremy packing a bag because he could no longer live with his sister if he wanted to kill her. Matt explained that Elena was already aware of that and acted accordingly by moving out and leaving Matt behind to keep an eye on Jeremy. Since Matt is human, he would presumably have the best chance of helping Jeremy keep his hunter instincts in-check.

After moving out, Elena went to the Salvatore mansion, saying she could no longer stay at her place. Stefan chose to leave before things got even more awkward, claiming he would find somewhere else to stay. That somewhere else turned out to be with Caroline, who continued to insist that Elena was not acting like herself. When Caroline’s thoughts turned to Klaus’ hybrids, she had a very unpleasant revelation that Elena’s new connection to Damon might be thanks to a sire-bond.

While Stefan and Caroline were discussing the evidence pointing toward a sire-bond, Damon and Elena were bonding via drinks and dancing. The episode ended with Elena and Damon’s slow dance turning into hot vampire sex. Sadly, this vampire sex lost its hotness thanks to the implication that Elena is sired to Damon.

The sire-bond twist has brought up a lot of issues. How much has the sire-bond influenced Elena’s decisions since her transition? Are Elena’s heightened feelings for Damon a result of said sire-bond and was the bond the reason she acted on those heightened feelings and slept with Damon? Even if the writers play things very carefully, they have already created a very problematic storyline and one can only hope that the characters will break this new sire-bond before any more damage is done.


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