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Valentine's Day: Philadelphia's Take


Valentine’s Day
Love it? Hate it? Boycotting it?

Most people I’ve spoken too aren’t huge fans of this holiday, it’s just another day to them. I think the biggest issue here is that we don’t need just one day to tell people you love them- do it all year!

Far too many people aren’t about the love, but it doesn’t have to just be about your significant other. Love your family, love your friends, love your pets, love yourself!! Or if you are feeling down, and not so into Valentine’s Day, do something nice for someone else. Have a potluck dinner with your friends; go to the movies in a group (This Means War looks good. Cheesy, but funny.)

Whatever your plan is for Valentine’s Day, do not neglect yourself. Go do something fun for you:

Take a nap, take a jog, get a massage, go to the movies, buy yourself some flowers or candy, or cook or order in a nice dinner.

Valentine’s Day began way back in the day of the dawn of time with the Roman and Christian religions and cultures, as well as a mix of other cultures, religions and folklores. Is this day named after early Christian martyrs who were tortured and killed, was there a specific Saint Valentine? Within the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints, February 14 was the feast day of Saint Valentine, until it was removed in 1969. St Valentine is the patron saint of Patron of Love, Young People and Happy Marriages. I’m sure there is a little bit of truth in all the stories we hear.

Of course, today, it’s a national holiday mainly because of the mainstream capitalism and the push to materialism and to buy candy and cards. Almost a billion Valentine's Day cards are given each year, with hearts, doves, cupids, love knots, claddagh symbols.

Also- I polled a good amount of people on what they found sexy. Here are some of the answers:

For both sexes:

What’s Hot:

-Good manners

-Well-maintained hygiene (several people said a full set of well-maintained teeth is a good

-Great eyes, nice smile, nice body

-Good clothes- not ripped, stained, baggy, etc. Several people said men or women is  
business suits is sexy!

-People with interests: Reading, flea markets, vintage records, travel, wine, working out
Intelligence, ambition

-Confidence (not arrogance)

What’s Not:

-Too much cologne or perfume

-Looking hot but unable to spell or speak a full sentence

-Forgetting your date’s name

-Guys sending pictures of their junk. This is ri-dick-olous. (sorry, bad pun!)

-Being shallow or materialistic

Stay classy, Philadelphia, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Christine Tarlecki will be out and about on Valentine’s Day- what will you be doing?

You can reach Christine on Twitter and FaceBook under engchik.

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