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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 'Dangerous Liaisons'


In last week’s episode, Dangerous Liaisons, another gathering created odd couplings and Elena (Nina Dobrev) had a private meeting with a former enemy.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

An Original Woman Scorned
Un-daggered and back in action, Rebekah’s first mission upon her return was to try and kill Elena for the whole back-stabbing incident. Luckily, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) intervened. Rebekah was left unsatisfied after her failed attempt on Elena’s life, so she chose a new victim in Matt (Zach Roerig). Rebekah roped in her newly-risen brother Kol and the two plotted to kill Matt, albeit quietly and out of sight. But Matt showed Rebekah a moment of kindness and it made her change her mind about ending his existence.

Unfortunately, Kol was still keen on killing someone so he got Matt alone and attacked him. Matt was saved before too much damage could be done, but he did walk away with a crushed hand and the wise decision to keep his distance from Rebekah.

Return from the beyond, throw a party!
After Elena filled the Salvatore boys in on her conversation with Elijah, which like so many of the best things about this show happened off-screen, she got an invitation to a ball thrown by the Originals. The invitation came with a special note from Esther, aka Mama Original that said it was time they met. As predicted, the brothers did not want Elena to go, which of course meant that she did. The brothers traded off being Elena’s escorts for the night, which led to some interesting moments where they tried to see who could one-up the other when it came to chemistry via dancing. In the end, both Stefan/Elena and Damon/Elena shippers were given some flail-worthy scenes.

Meeting Mama
After realizing that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) would never agree to let her meet with Esther alone, Elena had Stefan (Paul Wesley) help her immobilize her other suitor so she could have a one-on-one with the Original witch and figure out if Esther was on their side. Elijah, not trusting his mother’s instant forgiveness of Klaus (Joseph Morgan), asked his favorite doppelganger to fill him in on her conversation with his mother and Elena agreed. It was then time for awkward introductions as Mama and Elena came face-to-face. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

But Esther was unexpectedly candid and explained what her plans were. Esther asked to borrow a drop of Elena’s magic blood to perform a ritual that would link all of her children together. Elena complied and Esther explained that the link meant the Original siblings were as one and if any of them were killed, they would all die. Elena seemed confused by this plan, so Esther explained that her children were abominations and it was her duty as their mother/creator to get rid of them.

Yet, Esther appeared to have doubts after a conversation with Elijah. When Elijah promised to keep his siblings in-line, Esther said she wished they were all more like him. But when the time came, Esther completed the ritual (with help from her other newly-risen son, Finn) and bound the fates of all her children together.

And it’s guilt all-around
Elena was having some trouble with Esther’s plan. On the one hand, it would make killing Klaus much easier, but it also meant that Elena had to lie to her sort-of ally, Elijah. In the end, Elena kept quiet and let Esther continue with her ritual, but she later confessed to Stefan that she felt awful for it. Stefan, in turn, told Elena that he hated himself for hurting her and Elena pleaded with him to show her some sign of those feelings. But Stefan explained that if he let it all in again, all he would feel was pain, thus ending their brief but important heart-to-heart.

Damon strikes again
When he came-to, Damon was furious that Stefan would let Elena risk her life, but Stefan pointed out that Damon needed to stop being so controlling. In a role-reversal, Stefan told Damon that his emotions were getting in the way of their plans. Elena echoed that same sentiment later on when Damon confronted her and in true Damon fashion, he lashed out. Though Damon saved Matt from Kol, he also picked a fight with the Original during Mama’s big bash, something that did not go un-noticed. He followed up that shining moment with another bad decision by hooking up with Rebekah. (On the plus side, at least we know he cannot compel her into doing his bidding, as he has with some of his previous paramours.)

A date with the devil
Caroline (Candice Accola) got an invitation to the Originals’ ball from Klaus, who sent a dress along with the invite. Caroline eventually chose to attend the ball to keep an eye on her friends and Klaus was very pleased to see her. He spent most of the night trying to romance her with dancing, stories about his childhood, offers to take her to see the world, and a private showing of his drawings. Caroline was mildly impressed by Klaus’ artistic abilities, but she also reminded him that connecting with people was impossible when he compelled or sired them into carrying out his will. Caroline returned home to find another of Klaus’ gifts waiting for her. This time it was a drawing and a note thanking her for her honesty. Oh, Caroline…please do not add Klaus to your list of bad boyfriend choices. It will not end well.

On the next episode, the Original siblings have seemingly figured out their mother’s real plan and will try to severe their new link using Elena as a hostage.


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