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Demi Moore replaced by Sarah Jessica Parker in 'Lovelace,' 'American Horror Story' House for Sale, and Fran Drescher's Alien Encounter


Demi Moore drops out of 'Lovelace' and is replaced by Sarah Jessica Parkersarah jessica parker lovelace

Last week it was reported that, in light of her medical problems, Demi Moore would be dropping out of Lovelace. It didn’t take long for rumors to start about who would replace her.

Mary-Louise Parker looked like the first choice to play Gloria Steinem. Moore’s replacement will be a Parker, just not Mary-Louise. Instead is has been announced that Sarah Jessica Parker will be stepping into the role.  Some are surprised that the Sex and the City star would take such a serious role considering the most recent parts she’s played. But, who knows, she may just be awesome!

The rest of the cast looks pretty good. Amanda Seyfried has been cast as the title character, James Franco will portray Hugh Hefner in his younger years, and other cast members include Wes Bentley, Sharon Stone, Chloe Sevigny, Chris Noth, and Peter Sarsgaard.

The movie is currently filming in NYC.


'American Horrior Story' House is Up For Sale'American Horror Story' house photo: People.com

American Horror Story is seriously one of the most awesome new shows of the season. While the show certainly would be nothing without the cast, its biggest star is probably the house!!

Unfortunately, it’s looking like the next season will feature a different location. So what does that mean for the house that fans have come to love?

It’s up for sale!! No really, anyone with $17 million can own the show’s creepy house.

 The 14,000 square foot home was on the market for $10 million before it was snatched up by Ryan Murphy to be used as the show’s focal point. Now that it’s famous, the price has gone up considerably.

But, you’ll get a whole lot of house for that $17 million. There are four floors, six bedrooms, a full chapel, and the basement, of course. And considering it’s thought to be haunted in real life as well, you may also get some ghosts.


Fran Drescher Claims She Encountered an Alien...Fran Drescher photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Fran Drescher hasn’t been seen too much since The Nanny ended. Sure she tried her hand at another sitcom and has shown up here and there, but she’s pretty much managed to stay out of the news.

 Now she’s back full force, and showing what some would call a whole lot of crazy. You see, during a recent Huffington Post interview, the nasally actress admitted that years ago she encountered an alien who embedded some kind of chip in her hand.

Considering her comedic history you’d think she was kidding. But nope, she’s serious. She claims that both she and her ex-hubby had the same experience prior to meeting and that experience is what later brought them together. While her ex thinks the scar visible on her hand came from a burn or a drill bit, she claims that’s where the alien placed the chip.


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Photo of Sarah Jessica Parker on "Lovelace" set from usmagazine.com

American Horror Story house photo: people.com

Fran Drescher photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images