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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: All My Children


In last week’s episode, All My Children, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) took extreme measures to save his family from their vengeful Mama and another person was sacrificed in this never-ending power-struggle.

The truth is revealed
Elijah realized that his mother had recently done a privacy spell and, combined with her odd behavior since returning, worked out that Esther was up to something. Elijah decided to pay a visit to his favorite doppelganger and he took Elena (Nina Dobrev) to an old cavern where the Originals used to hide on the full moon. It was there that he confronted Elena about lying to him at the ball and Elena confessed everything she knew about Esther’s plan. Elijah, putting family loyalty above all else, decided to hold Elena hostage in said cavern while he convinced the Salvatore boys to help him save his siblings. Elijah left Rebekah in charge of watching Elena, with orders to kill her if the boys did not come through.Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

How to Save Elena’s Life
Elijah went to the Salvatores to explain what would happen to Elena if they did not figure out a way to stop Mama Original from completing her spell. Elijah informed the boys that the quickest way to defeat Esther would be to kill the Bennett witches, as Esther was drawing her power from their bloodline.

But Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) decided to incapacitate the Original siblings instead. This way, they would no longer pose a threat to Elena and Esther could complete the ritual that would result in their deaths.

The grand Salvatore plan was to have Caroline (Candice Accola) distract Klaus (Joseph Morgan) so Alaric (Matthew Davis) could get Kol alone and dagger him. As the siblings were all linked, daggering one of them would have the same effect on the others. Caroline used her impeccable skills to lure Klaus away from his brother and once Klaus was gone, Alaric completed his part of the plan. Unfortunately, Klaus felt what had been done to his siblings and quickly put a stop to it by knocking Alaric out and un-daggering Kol. Thus all the Originals were back in action and the Salvatores believed they had only one option left -- to get rid of the witches.

Revenge is best served cold
Earlier in the episode, Elena showed up at the Salvatore mansion to find Rebekah leaving after her night of supernatural sex with Damon. Elena was not pleased to learn that Damon slept with a woman who tried to have her killed not long ago. Damon, as always, saw nothing wrong with his actions and Elena changed the subject. But it became one of the many topics of conversation between Elena and Rebekah when Elena was Rebekah’s captive.

Their chat was interrupted when the daggering-a-plenty happened and Elena used that moment to escape. She did not make it far before Rebekah revived, but Elena did manage to find the spelled tomb that vampires cannot enter. Alas, Rebekah played it smart and tried to force Elena out of the tomb by threatening that set it (and Elena) on fire. But Elena called Rebekah’s bluff because she knew Rebekah got too much pleasure from tormenting her to ever actually kill her. Rebekah proved Elena right by keeping her alive until the dust settled and informing Elena of the sacrifice that had been made in her name.

The Sacrifice
Mama Original got in touch with Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Abby to ask for their help. As she was drawing her power from their bloodline, the connection would be easier to access if she had living Bennett witches to help with her spell. Bonnie and Abby reluctantly agreed and Esther explained that she was going to reverse the vampire curse she had placed on her children, thus making them human again and easier to kill. Her son Finn would then become a willing sacrifice and his death would end the lives of his siblings, as they were now linked as one. The Original siblings arrived to try and convince Mama not to murder them, but Esther would not budge. She had spent a thousand years watching all the damage they all caused and she had to stop them. Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

The Salvatores -- proving that, yes, they are both horrible -- chose to flip a coin to see which one of them would have to kill the witches. (As if plotting and agreeing to their deaths but not actually doing the deed somehow made the other less guilty.)

Though Stefan won the coin toss, Damon decided to do the ‘noble’ thing and kill Abby so Stefan would not have to. Stefan was tasked with distracting Bonnie long enough for Damon to force-feed Abby his blood and kill her. Because ‘you cannot be a vampire and a witch’, turning Abby into a vampire broke Esther’s connection to the Bennett bloodline and destroyed any chance she had of completing her spell.

Regrets and new threats
After what happened to Abby, Bonnie did not want to see Elena or allow Elena to offer her comfort, so Elena returned home and found a note from Elijah. The Original apologized for his actions and said he hoped Elena would understand that he had done it all for his family. Elijah -- once considered the moral one -- explained to Rebekah that their mother had made them vampires, but they chose to become monsters. Elijah planned to leave town, while Rebekah chose to stay behind with Klaus and told him of the next big threat to come their way -- another white oak tree.

Alaric was in bad shape after being attacked by Klaus, so Meredith took him back to her place to fix him up. There, he discovered some seemingly incriminating files, as well as a weapon that looked an awful lot like the ones used in the Council attacks. Alaric was not very sneaky because Meredith, gun in-hand, soon discovered him. The credits rolled as a gunshot was heard and fans were left to wonder if Alaric would be seen resurrecting yet again in the next episode.

This episode managed to highlight many of the problematic elements of the show’s narrative, while also doing some nice character work. There is excellent potential for Bonnie now that she has begun to examine her role in the vampire drama. How much longer will she be willing to sacrifice everything in the service of nature? Will this latest loss bring viewers a darker side to the Bennett witch and what will recent developments mean for her friendship with Elena? Will Klaus and Rebekah spend the rest of the season looking for the mysterious death-tree? And will we finally see the returns of Katherine, Jeremy and Tyler?

Tune in to the next episode on March 15th and find out.

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