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Kobayashi wins the final Wing Bowl?


Takeru Kobayashi has been heralded as the greatest competitive eater in the world. And he proved so Friday morning to the entire Delaware Valley, or at least those who attended Wing Bowl 20 at Wells Fargo Center.Kobayashi photo: Alex Brandon/AP
Kobayashi, who was favored 2-1 to win Wing Bowl, actually received some cheers prior to facing off against defending champion Joey "Super" Squibb in the final round.

That however, appeared to be short-lived, as Kobayashi polished off a new record 337 wings (shattering Squibb’s record last year of 254), the boos returned, and he (as predicted) was fittingly crowned the new Wing Bowl Champion.

Because the script had a storybook ending, there has been speculation as to whether this would be the final Wing Bowl. Hosts on 94 WIP have even said a Kobayashi victory would be the perfect way to go out on a high note. Now before you start to worry, keep in mind this a rumor that has been persistent for years.

And when you come to think about it, Wing Bowl (whether you like it or not) has become somewhat of an institution in Philadelphia. What other city in the world could be so self-deprecating as to create an event simply because their football team’s futility?

Check out Kobayashi at the Weigh-In Thursday night!


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Kobayashi photo: Alex Brandon/AP