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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 'Bringing out the Dead'


In last week’s episode, 'Bringing out the Dead,' we were given new information about the recent murders and saw the returns of some familiar faces.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

One Last Choice
When Caroline (Candice Accola) arrived at the hospital looking for her father, she and Elena (Nina Dobrev) discovered Bill’s body. Caroline was devastated until Elena reminded her that Bill died with vampire blood in his system.

And so, a man who spent his entire life hating vampires became one. Once Bill realized what was happening, he refused to drink blood, knowing that he would die if he did not complete the transition. In what would be his final moments, Caroline begged her father to stay with her, but Bill said he still believed that becoming a vampire was wrong because people were not meant to cheat death. In the end, Bill died and became the first vampire on the show not to transition.

Awkward Family Moment
Elena arrived home to find Alaric (Matthew Davis) bleeding out on the floor. He had been attacked, much like Bill, but was still alive and did not know who attacked him. A dying Alaric told Elena that she needed to kill him because the only way to save his life was if he died a supernatural death and his ring brought him back. But they did not know who attacked Alaric, so the only way to guarantee that he died a supernatural death was for Elena to kill him, since her doppelganger blood made her supernatural. Sure enough, once Elena killed him, Alaric resurrected.

Everyone is a suspect
Before Alaric’s attack, Liz stopped by Elena’s place to tell Elena and Alaric that the weapon used in the medical examiner’s murder had Elena’s finger-prints on it. Liz knew Elena had nothing to do with the murder and Alaric realized the weapon was from one of the old Gilbert family stashes. Alaric’s new gal pal Meredith appeared to be the most likely culprit, but Elena did not want to believe that Alaric’s taste in women was that bad, even as evidence began to point in her direction. Unfortunately, Liz found out that Meredith had an alibi for Alaric’s attack, so their number one suspect had been cleared. But is it as simple as that? Could Meredith have somehow convinced people she was in the operating room when she was really attacking her new love interest?

Two is Better than One
True to her word, Abby came to Mystic Falls to help Bonnie (Kat Graham) open the coffin. While searching through Abby’s grimoire, Bonnie found a sealing spell that required two generations of a bloodline in order to bind it and Bonnie realized that they now had a way to un-seal the coffin, but only if she and Abby worked together. After a lot of trial and error, Abby seemingly tapped into her former magic enough for the coffin to come loose and Bonnie left to call Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and inform him of their progress. While Abby was alone with the coffin, it burst open and Abby screamed at the sight of its contents.Vampire Diaries photo: CW

Worst Dinner Party Ever
In an attempt to make peace, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Damon decided to arrange a meeting between their feuding brothers and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) chose to turn it into a dinner party. The Salvatores laid their terms on the table -- they would give Klaus the final coffin if he promised to leave town with the rest of his family and never return -- but Klaus was not impressed. Klaus said he would never leave Elena behind because he needed her doppelganger blood to make more hybrids.

So Klaus made a counter-offer -- he would ensure Elena’s safety for the rest of her natural life if the boys returned his coffin. After Stefan (Paul Wesley) refused Klaus’ deal, Klaus told Damon to bring him the coffin or he would kill Stefan. Unfortunately for Klaus, Damon and Elijah had other plans.

The Original Love Triangle
As if this episode did not have enough going on, it also introduced the origin story of the Petrova doppelgangers. Back in the day, Klaus and Elijah loved the same girl, a beautiful woman named Tatia, who they both fought over. Wanting to end the feud between her sons, Mama Original sacrificed Tatia and -- in an incredibly creepy twist --her blood was used to turn the Originals into vampires. Let’s all hope the Original triangle is not an omen of how things will end this time around.

Party Crashers
Instead of bringing Klaus the final coffin, Damon and Elijah un-daggered the rest of Klaus’ siblings (including Rebekah) and they were not pleased with their hybrid brother. The Salvatores left the Originals to deal with their own family issues and went to see what progress Bonnie and Abby had made with the coffin, only to find the witches unconscious and the coffin empty. Back at Klaus’ mansion, his siblings were preparing to leave town and kill Elena so Klaus would truly be alone, when in walked Mama Original, presumably the person/weapon from the final coffin. And all she wanted was for them to be a family again. Or so she claimed.

Does Mama Original have something else up her sleeve? And was she really the weapon hidden in that final coffin or could it have been someone or something else? Maybe Mama has been alive this whole time and is the one who has been attacking the Founder’s council. I guess we will have to wait and see.


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