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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 4 Recap: Donald Trump Fires Adam Carolla and Michael Andretti


Celebrity Apprentice Episode 4 Recap

Last week in episode 3 of Celebrity Apprentice, George Takei took the fallcelebrity apprentice episode 4 for the men's team, who came up short in a window display challenge for Ivanka's new fashion line.

This week, both teams were assigned with the task of creating a 10-minute presentation for Buick's new Verano, followed up by a Q & A session. Off the bat, this seemed like a challenge best suited for Michael Andretti to lead. The men would learn later on that it was a mistake to not make him the Project Manager.

Adam Carolla immediately stepped up and wanted to lead the project. His vision for the presentation was to have hecklers in the crowd who would interject during the Q & A session. Penn Jillette wasn't sold on the idea one bit.

For the women's team, Debbie Gibson was the Project Manager.  In an interesting move, she chose to divide her team up into two vans and alienated Teresa Giudice and Tia Carrere by making them ride in the "uncool van."

The Women Come Out on Top Once Again

For the second week in a row, the women's team won the challenge. Even though the men refused to believe they had a weaker presentation, all that matters is wins and losses in Celebrity Apprentice - no matter how well you do. Adam Carolla wasn't going to accept that their team "unraveled" and gave it back to Donald Trump when he asked him "where did it all come apart?" The fact that Carolla was stepping up to Trump didn't bode well for him in the board room.

It's clear everyone on the men's team feels that Lou Ferrigno is the weak link. Lou wants to step up each week, but generally he wants to do something involving showing off his muscles.

Trump demanded that Carolla bring back two people with him so one of them can be fired. He refused to and took full responsibility for the team's failure. To send a message, Trump said that two men would be fired.

Both Carolla and Michael Andretti were canned by Trump, who was stupidifed that Andretti wasn't the Project Manager or featured more prominently in the presentation. This leaves the men with just six remaining members, while the women go into episode 5 with seven of their members remaining. Penn was pretty pissed about it and let Adam know that his decision to take responsibility put the team in a terrible position.

From the previews next week it appears that Lou Ferrigno will be the Project Manager for the next task.

On one hand I feel like the men are due to win. On the other hand, I feel like Lou Ferrigno is a dead man walking. We shall see...

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