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Turner Classic Movies' 'Road to Hollywood Tour' comes to Philadelphia


Turner Classic Movies’ Road to Hollywood Tour Comes to Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA—Turner Classic Movies (TCM) brought their Road to Hollywood Tour to Philadelphia with a special screening of Alfred Hitchcock's ben mankiewicz and eva marie saint North By Northwest. The 10 city tour is a prelude to the 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival taking place April 12-15 in Hollywood.

In its third year, the Road to Hollywood tour offers fans the opportunity to watch some of their favorite films on the big screen along with the intimate chance to hear special stories told by the actors and actresses from those movies.

Thursday evening, at the Prince Music Theater, TCM weekend daytime host Ben Mankiewicz discussed North By Northwest with Academy Award winner Eva Marie Saint. The actress recounted her experiences working with Hitchcock, the movie’s director and of course her dreamy leading man, Cary Grant.

Saint told attendees that she was intrigued to portray “Eve Kendall” a femme fatale in North By Northwest. Not only did Hitchcock direct her on the set, she said he also had a pivotal role in how she looked and dressed the part.

“Now, that might sound strange but it helped me develop that character of the ‘spy lady,’” Saint explained to an attentive audience. “He cared about the hair, the make-up, the earnings, the shoes certainly the dresses and from what he felt about the ‘spy lady’ how she should look.”
The 87-year-old also revealed that Hitchcock joined her for an unforgettable day of shopping at Bergdorf Goodman’s because he didn’t like the wardrobe that had been designed for her. That day, she picked out the beautiful cocktail dress she wore in the movie.

“He said, ‘Whatever you like Eva Marie tell me,’ so, I loved the black dress with the red embossed roses and I said I like that—he said, ‘Wrap it up for Ms. Saint,’ now that’s the truth sort-of,” she recalled much to the delight of the crowd, playfully adding, “That’s why I called him my ‘Sugar Daddy’ after that!” as the crowd erupted into laughter.

Grant was Saint’s leading man in the picture and she fondly recalled his charm and kindness. With a clear passion for her craft, Saint spoke about another secret—her ability to do her job without feeling intimidated from the many stars she worked with through the years.  

“This is your job, this is an exciting job, this is what you want to do, you’re working with an incredible script, director, the other actors and you do the best you can, you’re never thinking beyond that days’ work—ever,” she explained.

Mankiewicz asked Saint the big question that was on everyone’s mind, “Pretend none of us are here, nobody knows, your husband’s not here—Cary Grant or Marlon Brando?”

Saint answered instantaneously, “My husband,” which ignited thunderous applause.

For years fans invited Saint into their homes by watching her movies, then during this extraordinary evening, the star welcomed them into her heart as she shared her memories from a time gone by but certainly not forgotten.

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Photo Credit: Dave Cowden