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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5 Recap: Lou Ferrigno shines and Donald Trump Fires Tia Carrere


To say the men's team "Unanimous" got their butts handed to them in episode 4 of Celebrity Apprentice would be an understatement. While they had a very strong presentation; the results were not good at all. Adam Carolla and Michael Andretti were both fired.

This week the men were simply due for a victory, and Lou Ferrigno would finally get his chance to shine. This week both teams were charged with the task of creating videos promoting Cedar-O’s Pro-Mist Spray mop, with the goal of making the video go viral.

Tia Carrere took on the role of project manager for the women's team, while Lou Ferrigno stepped up and led the men's team.

The women came up with a "sexy" campaign called "What's Your Number?" Meanhwile, Paul Teutul Sr. came up with the slogan "mop the floor with you" for the men's video.

Lou Ferrigno Shines After Clay Steps to Penn

Things came to a head between Clay Aiken and Penn Gillette. Clay finally lou ferrigno celebrity apprenticegot fed up with Penn's pompous attitude and unwillingness to give any of Lou's ideas a chance. This was a turning point for the men's team, who have been looking to get rid of Lou for a few weeks now. Arsenio and Clay stuck up for Lou and helped him during the video shoot.

Suffice it to say, Lou did a hell of a job with his performance in the men's video. They filmed him with an apron on while dancing with the mop. His opening line of "I'll mop the floor with you" was cute, clever, quick, and to the point.

Aubrey O'Day Is The Cancer on the Women's Team

It was clear that the women weren't so sold on Tia's leadership. Aubrey O'Day, who is the cancer on the women's team, made a comment about how this was a perfect project for Tia to lead since the company is "100 years old, like Tia."

The women's presentation was built on "what's your number" as in how many people have you slept with. Their video featured all of the members of the women's team. Their video just wasn't as good as the men's.

The Men Come Out on Top This Week

We learn quickly that the women have a major rift on the team. This comes out as the men's team wins the challenge for this week. Lisa Lampanelli, Debbie Gibson, and Aubrey O'Day feel they are a three-woman team carrying the rest of the ladies as they provide the creativity for their squad. On the one hand Lisa is correct, but she's also getting sucked into the sordid catfighting drama being escalated by O'Day.

Tia Carrere decides to fall on the sword for her team instead of getting drug down into the low road with Aubrey O'Day. I'm sure 95% of the viewers wanted to see the arrogant O'Day get fired this week, but at the same time a good show needs a good villain, and she fills that role nicely.

For the first time in three weeks, the men didn't lose a member and survived with very few hard feelings with exception of Penn, who didn't take too kindly to Clay calling him condescending (and he let him know about it.) When Trump asked the men's team who their weakest link was this week, Dee mentioned Paul's name, despite the fact that he came up with their video concept.

Paul understood that he was more of a default choice than anything else, so there were no hard feelings.

Look for the men to build on this positive momentum next week as Aubrey O'Day spreads her cancer further throughout the women's team. I wouldn't be surprised to see two women fired next week, but one of them won't be Aubrey. Teresa Guidice, Patricia Valasquez, and Dayana Mendoza were thrown under the bus repeatedly this past week. Look for two of them to get the ax in episode six.

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