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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: '1912'


In last week’s episode, 1912, there was a new suspect in the murder investigation and the Salvatore brothers took another walk down memory lane.

 An innocent man?
Alaric (Matthew Davis) managed to survive that gunshot wound he received in the previous episode, only to wake up in jail. Liz detained him after Meredith claimed he went after her with a knife and she shot him in self-defense. Alaric was now the number one suspect in the Founders’ council murders, but Damon (Ian Somerhalder) was quick to point out that Alaric was one of the victims in the case. Liz said the lovely Dr. Fell believed Alaric’s wounds could have been self-inflicted and the only leads she had in the case were Meredith’s accusations and the fact that the weapons used in the killings were all from Alaric’s stash. Alaric claimed Meredith was framing him.Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: '1912'  Photo: CW

Junior sleuths
When Elena (Nina Dobrev) learned her guardian was locked up for the killings, she was determined to prove his innocence. Since the girls were out of town helping Abby complete her transition, Matt (Zach Roerig) was Elena’s go-to pal this time around and the two played teen detectives by breaking into Meredith’s home to find evidence that would exonerate Alaric. Elena found a secret compartment in Meredith’s closet and it contained a box of files on each one of the victims.

Amidst the files, Matt found something from the coroner’s office that stated Brian-the-medical-examiner’s time of death was different from what the authorities originally thought, thus giving Alaric an alibi for his murder. Unfortunately, Meredith chose that moment to return and found the wannabe detectives hiding in her closet. While Elena distracted Meredith, Matt snuck an old Gilbert journal out of Meredith’s belongings.

Meeting Sage
It was flashback time once again and we went back 100 years to the original Founding Family murders of 1912. Damon and Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) ‘uncle’ Zachariah was one of the original victims and the brothers returned to Mystic Falls for his funeral. After the funeral, Stefan invited Damon out for a drink and that was the night Damon met Sage, a woman who would change his (un-dead) life. When Sage caught Damon feeding on an innocent towns-person, she pointed out that Damon was ‘doing it wrong’ and he should take more pleasure in the kill.

Thus began Damon’s journey to becoming the guy we know so well and it all started when Sage convinced him to attack Samantha Gilbert. But Damon wanted to bring Stefan over to the dark side as well, so Damon coerced Stefan into feeding. Stefan got so lost in his blood-lust that he tore his victim’s head right off, in true ‘Ripper’ form. Damon did nothing to stop his brother from going over the edge back then, but would he do the same in the present day?

Blood Brothers
Under the guise of helping Alaric, Damon invited Stefan out for a brother-bonding night. Though Rebekah interrupted their boys’ night in search of information on that mysterious white oak tree, the brothers still managed to get into plenty of trouble. Damon decided that Stefan could not continue going cold-turkey on the human blood and he needed to learn a little ‘moderation’. So Damon decided to attack an innocent woman and threaten to let Rebekah kill her if Stefan did not have a drink. Driven by his blood-lust and the pretense of saving the woman’s life, Stefan drank deep but managed to stop himself before he killed her. (Thus, Damon continued the cycle of abuse by passing on his lovely behavior to his brother.) Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: '1912'  Photo: CW

Unfortunately, Elena and Matt took that opportunity to walk by and Elena was horrified at the sight before her. Damon, helpful as ever, pointed out that it might take Elena some time to get over this one. Back at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan asked why his brother was so determined to help him and Damon said it was because Stefan was all he had left.

While the brothers were dealing with their issues, Matt took Elena home and asked about her connection to the Salvatores. In a moment of true self-awareness, Elena admitted that her original attraction to Stefan was partly due to the fact that he could not die as her parents had. Damon, on the other hand, had merely gotten under her skin and Matt understood that it was hard to shake someone you loved.

Magic Death Rings
After the coroner’s letter was authenticated, Alaric was released and it was back to square one in the search for the killer. Or was it? Meredith showed up on Elena’s doorstep to explain herself to Alaric. Apparently, she faked the coroner’s note to clear Alaric’s name and get the authorities to stop looking in his direction. Meredith once again brought up the fact that Alaric’s weapons were used in the crimes and that she believed his wounds could have been self-inflicted, but Alaric insisted he would know if he had been killing people. Or would he?

After their horrible boys’ night, Stefan went digging through the family archives and found information about the original Founding Family murders. Though no suspect was found in 1912, someone did come forward years later to confess to the crimes and that person was Samantha Gilbert. Damon found that a bit suspicious since he had killed Samantha, but the brothers figured out that Samantha must have had one of those magic rings. Meanwhile, Elena realized the old Gilbert journal belonged to Samantha and it told of dark tales. As all the pieces came together, Meredith explained that you cannot cheat death as many times as Alaric has and not be changed by it. In a flashback to the murder of Zachariah Salvatore, we saw that the killer was Samantha Gilbert and she was wearing one of the magic rings!

Are Matt and Elena headed for a romantic reunion? Is Alaric really a killer? If so, what does that mean for the youngest Gilbert, who also has a magic ring? And why was Abby’s transition happening off-screen when it could have caused so many delicious angst for everyone involved?


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