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Want loose curl locks like Giuliana Rancic? Trend Hungry's Jessie Holeva shows you how!


This week, Jessie shows you how to get loose curl locks just like the movie stars!

Be sure to watch the video, and for more trend bites head to TrendHungry.com!



Jessie Holeva is your newest shopping partner in crime.  With a background in journalism and multimedia, she’s managed to create her own outlet to share her fashion steals and celebrity style via her site, TrendHungry.com. She's serving up deal-ilicious doses of trends on skinny budget and you can check her out on Wired 96.5's morning show, NBC10's The 10! Show, Fox 29's Good Day, her site, or right here.

Check out Jessie’s Trend Bite from last week!

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