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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 6 Recap: Men Win, But Did Aubrey O'Day Get Fired?


The men's team "Unanimous" is fired up after winning the challenge last week in Episode 5, behind a strong performance from Lou Ferrigno as project manager.

This week, they look to build on the momentum as Clay Aiken and Penn Gillette set aside their differences from last week and decide to make nice. It's clear that the men's team is beginning to come together and cease with the bickering.

The women's team on the other hand, has a rift. Lisa Lampanelli is fed up with the "braindead" non-creative team members and wants them to shape up or be gone. Aubrey O'Day think she's the greatest thing since galvanized steel and is the brains behind their team. Debbie Gibson has joined forces with their clique - as they see themselves as they sole idea-people on the women's team.

Meanwhile, Teresa Guidice, Patricia Velásquez, and Dayana Mendoza have about had their fill with the nonsense.

Clay Aiken Leads the Men's Team Against Aubrey O'Day

This week Clay Aiken leads the men's team in their challenge, which is to throw a launch party for a new Crystal Light flavor. In this case, they build their campaign around a peach flavor and throw a beach party with the slogan "Life's a Peach."

The men admit they are anything but partiers. Even though they would appear to party it up on a regular basis, their team is composed of guys who prefer to kick back at home and stay out of trouble. They have no fear though and still come up with a killer party concept.

For the women's team, they are led by Aubrey O'Day, who gets her chance to stick it to the men since she has an endless stream of great ideas (according to her anyway). O'Day's concept is built around the Garden of Eden. Early on, we see Donald Jr. comment that the women are missing the mark on creating a "fun party," which is exactly what the men are doing. This is a harbinger for what is to come...

The Men Come Out on Top Once Again

The representatives from Crystal Light loved both parties. They thought the women had a very lavish party, which was personable. Added to that, Debbie Gibson's original song coupled with the CD handouts was brilliant. They were very strong on reinforcing the brand. The women managed to set their differences aside and put together a very strong party that was rife with beautiful photography on the walls. However, the party wasn't as fun as the men's.

The men on the other hand, focused on throwing a fun party built upon the tiki bar beach concept. Things got a little sketchy when Dee commented "where are all the people at?" Pretty soon, Arsenio and Penn were able to get many people in the door. They also made use of Clay's singing talents, who got the entire crowd to sing along with him - including the executives.

In the end, the Crystal Light execs liked the men's party a tad better because the brand messaging was stronger. Their only weakness was the placement of the posters, which is a minor ding on an otherwise awesome beach party.

Aubrey O'Day Breaks Out the Crocodile Tears

Aubrey O'Day is devastated by her team's defeat. Even Lisa can't believeaubrey o'day crying celebrity apprentice it as she felt 99% certain they would win this week. Aubrey is crying in disbelief and is crushed by not being able to deliver 50k for her charity. Trump decides to throw her 10k anyway for her tears.

So, does the women's team throw Aubrey under the bus for her team's defeat? Not exactly. They point to Dayana, Patricia, and Teresa as the weak links. Aubrey decides to bring back Dayana and Patricia with her in the board room.

When Donald Trump asks her if she should be fired, she defiantly states that she carries the team and comes up with most of the ideas. She throws Patricia under the bus, who gets the ax this week. Donald decides that she's responsible for the team's defeat, not Aubrey.

Lisa, Aubrey, and Debbie are hell-bent on eliminating everyone but their clique. Will another one of them bite the dust next week? I doubt it.

If you follow the trends of Celebrity Apprentice, one team usually takes two consecutive victories. It's rare to pull off three in a row. I see the men losing next week and throwing Lou under the bus.

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