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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 'Break on Through'


 In last week’s episode, Break on Through, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) sought the help of an old friend to learn what Rebekah was hiding and Alaric’s (Matthew Davis) friends dealt with his extreme personality shifts.

Accidental psycho killer
The episode opened with Meredith running some tests to see if there was anything physical causing Alaric’s behavior that could be treated medically. During one of the tests, Alaric’s crazy personality surfaced for a short time, but the tests showed that nothing was wrong. Alaric gave Elena (Nina Dobrev) his magic ring in case it was causing him to kill people and Elena said she would ask Bonnie (Kat Graham) if there was anything that could be done to help him.Vampire Diaries Episode Recap Photo: CW

When Elena finally got in touch with Bonnie, she said there was a spell that could drive the darkness out of Alaric, but she needed something personal Alaric had worn before he put on his magic ring. Alaric suggested his wedding ring and Elena dashed off to retrieve it, leaving Alaric alone with Meredith.

When Elena arrived at Alaric’s loft, Stefan (Paul Wesley) was waiting for her with more information about Samantha Gilbert. Apparently, Samantha killed two people during her stay at an insane asylum, despite the fact that she was not wearing her magic ring at the time. Therefore, the violent behavior could continue even after someone removed their ring. This did not bode well for poor Meredith.

Reunited and it did not feel good
At the Wickery Bridge construction site, Damon ran into Sage. Damon’s former mentor returned to town when she heard that her true love -- and maker -- Finn, had been revived from his lengthy daggered-in-a-coffin-stay. Rebekah interrupted their conversation to tell Sage that Finn left town and it was clear that the women still hated one another. Damon told Sage that Rebekah was up to something, but he could not figure out what it was and Sage offered to help.

Sage and Damon got Rebekah to relax with a combination of human blood and sex. After Rebekah fell asleep, Sage entered Rebekah’s mind and gained access to her memories. She then shared those memories with Damon and Damon realized Rebekah was after the location of the infamous white oak tree. Damon searched through his family’s archives and found out that the tree was used to build the original Wickery Bridge, so any of the wood left over from the bridge could be turned into a weapon to fight the Originals. Sage made Damon promise that he would spare Finn’s life if she let him kill Rebekah.

Unfortunately for Damon, Sage was lying and had already shared her knowledge with Rebekah, who then cooked up a nice bonfire of all the leftover white oak wood to guarantee her family’s safety. When Damon confronted Sage about her ‘betrayal’, Sage explained that she learned about the link between the Original siblings and knew if Damon killed Rebekah, Finn would also die. Sage and Damon did not part on good terms.

Vamp!Mama Drama
Caroline (Candice Accola) and Bonnie were still at Abby’s place helping Bonnie’s bio-mom with her transition. Jamie -- Abby’s sort-of son -- was also there, but he was keeping his distance from Abby because he was afraid of what she had become. But Caroline gave him a talking-to and Jamie came around. Unfortunately, Abby’s first moments with her sort-of son after her transition ended with her trying to kill him, thanks to her blood-lust. Abby was horrified by her actions, but Caroline was able to heal Jamie with vampire blood.

When Bonnie had to skedaddle back to Mystic Falls for a bit, Abby decided to leave her daughter and sort-of son behind in fear that she might hurt them again. Caroline pleaded with Abby to stay because she now had an eternity to make up for abandoning Bonnie when she was a child, but Abby chose to leave anyway. (Poor Bonnie. At least she will have her sort-of brother/potential new love interest to help her through this loss.)

Like a bad horror movie
While Elena and Stefan were going through Alaric’s loft looking for his wedding ring, they stumbled on some pictures Alaric had of all his victims, as well as a folder with Jeremy’s name on it. Alaric left a message for Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to continue with his work, should anything happen to Alaric. He attached a rant about how the Founder’s council needed to be ‘cleansed’ before the real work could begin and a hit-list of all those unworthy council members Jeremy should take care of.

Back at casa Gilbert, Alaric must have dozed off because when he awoke, the crazy side of his personality was back in action. Crazy!Alaric went after Meredith with a knife, deeming her one of the council members who looked the other way instead of protecting the town from the vampires. Meredith managed to lock herself in the bathroom, but not before crazy Alaric stabbed her with his very large kitchen knife. Luckily, Stefan and Elena came back and Stefan subdued crazy Alaric. Elena and Stefan then found Meredith bleeding out on the bathroom floor, but Stefan was able to control himself around all that blood long enough to heal Meredith and high-tail it out of there.
Vampire Diaries break on through
When Alaric woke up the next morning, the spell was complete and as long as he took some herbs every day, Bonnie said he would be okay. Bonnie also told Elena she forgave her and they made up.

After Bonnie left, Elena called Jeremy -- who still exists, go figure! -- to ask if he had spoken to Alaric recently. Jeremy said no and Elena continued to lie to him when she said everything was fine on the home-front. Jeremy was going out with some friends, so Elena told him to have fun and that she missed him.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Damon revealed that he was one step ahead of Sage and Rebekah. They thought all the wood had burned, but Damon got ahold of the restored Wickery Bridge sign, which was also made of white oak wood. They now had a means to make Original-killing weapons and the game was back on.

Will the Salvatores finally make some progress and kill one of the Original siblings? Is Alaric’s dark-side gone for good? How will Bonnie deal with having her mother run out on her a second time? And just who were those friends Jeremy was off to meet?

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