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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3 Recap: George Takei Takes the Fall For the Men


Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of Celebrity Apprentice picked up right where episode 2 left off, with the women's team reeling dee snider arsenio hall celebrity apprenticeafter a second straight loss to the men.

Lisa Lampanelli (one of my preseason picks for finalist) fought her ass off for her job last week. As a result, the hated Victoria Gotti got the boot.

This week, the women were led by former Miss Universe Dayanna Mendoza against  Project Manager George Takei. The task was to see who could pull off the best window displays for Ivanka Trump's new line of clothing "Window Dressing."

The displays would be featured at the Lord & Taylor store on Fifth Avenue.

Dee Snider Is On The Mend Following a Finger Injury

Dee Snider, who was my other preseason pick for finalist, has started off slowly for the men's team. This week he had to get surgery on his broken finger, which he injured the previous week. Dee was more concerned about his teammates losing faith in him for taking an episode off. Turns out those suspicions were justified. Arsenio Hall was quick to point out that Snider was bailing out on the team.

The Women Come Out on Top This Time

The women, led by Mendoza - brought their A-game for this challenge. They had a good direction, good design choices, and even overcame  horrendous NYC traffic to pull everything together. You could see that Ivanka immediately took to their presenation over the men's.

After two straight defeats, the women were due to get off the schnide. Lampanelli took a backseat role this week, but still made her presence known in the beginning when she rallied the troops to "beat the men's asses." The women answered her rally cry.

Arsenio Hall Drops the Ball But George Takei Takes the Fall

While the men's presentation was very good, it wasn't quite on par with the women's day - night presentation. The men's clothing choices seemed as they didn't appear to be wearing office-appropriate attire in an office setting.

Takei was overmatched in this contest. You could see him stumbling his words and confusing names when he tried to say who was in the window presentation. Clay Aiken was a little harsh, but was just being honest. It's a shame, because George is a nice guy, but nice guys don't always get the job done.

The women wound up taking the challenge. Finally, they could kick back and watch the fireworks erupt as Aiken threw Takei under the bus, and  then Takei threw Arsenio under the bus for his terrible stylistic choices.

Thus, Hall, Lou Ferrigno, and Takei went into the board room with Trump. One of them would be fired, and Takei took the fall for Arsenio's bad choices. Looks like we have our snake in the grass this year - Arsenio Hall.

While I have Snider finishing ahead of him, it's clear he's going to be around for a while. Aiken and Paul Teutul Sr. aren't screwing around either. Teutul is a dominant personality and takes no crap from anyone. You can be certain he won't go down without a fight.

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