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Angelina Jolie to play ‘Sleeping Beauty’ villain, Kristen Wiig leaving SNL? and '60 Minutes' to honor Mike Wallace


Angelina Jolie to play ‘Sleeping Beauty’ villain

This year, Snow White movies are blowing up the big screen.  But in two years it’ll be Sleeping Beauty.Angelina Jolie photo: accesshollywood.com

It has been announced that Angelina Jolie will play the princess’s arch nemesis in the movie of the same name, Maleficent.

If you have no clue who Maleficent is, she’s the evil fairy who puts the curse on Aurora that makes her sleep until her true loves plants a wet one on her and wakes her up.  She’s also the villain who wears the funny looking horned-like hat.  Yeah, you know who she is.  

There haven’t been any announcements about who will play Sleeping Beauty or any of the other characters, but it is being said that Robert Stromberg will helm the film.

Maleficent is set to be released on March 14, 2014.

Kristen Wiig leaving SNL?

Last week US Weekly reported that Kristen Wiig might be leaving Saturday Night Live.  If that wasn’t bad enough, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg were also named as cast members who might be making their exit at the end of the season.Kristen Wiig photo: shedoesthecityteen.com

While nothing has been confirmed or denied about Sudeikis or Samberg, Wiig has recently weighed in on her part of the rumor.

Unfortunately, she didn’t really offer the answers that SNL fans are looking for.

During an interview with Alec Baldwin on his Here’s the Thing podcast, Wiig did say that her contract will be up this year.  She also said that if she did leave it wouldn’t be because she’s tired of the show or has something better lined up. What she didn’t do was let SNL fans know if she would be indeed be making her exit this coming year.

What would the show be like if all 3 left this year??  

60 Minutes to honor Mike Wallace

It’s only been a few months since 92-year-old Andy Rooney passed away.  Now 60 Minutes has also lost another legend.  Mike Wallace died this past weekend in New Cannan, CT while surrounded by his family. Wallace was 93-years-old.Mike Wallace photo: peoplequiz.com

During his time on the show, Wallace received more than twenty Emmy awards, one of which was a Lifetime Achievement award.  

Wallace was known not only for ambush-style interviews that exposed scandals and fraudulent companies, but also for being able to get direct answers to tough questions from both famous people and world leaders who would not usually reveal information during interviews.

Prior to his long-running stint on 60 Minutes, Wallace worked on a variety of radio and TV programs.

60 Minutes will honor Wallace by dedicating a special program to him that will air on April 15.


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Angelina Jolie photo: accesshollywood.com

Kristen Wiig photo: shedoesthecityteen.com

Mike Wallace photo: peoplequiz.com