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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 9 Recap: Lisa Lampanelli Finally Wins and Paul Teutul Gets Bad Break


I was having a conversation with P2P co-founder Joe Vallee about Lisa Lampanelli's recent string of losses on Celebrity Apprentice. He made a good point. If she's "so good" like she said she is, well then why does she keep losing? It's certainly something worth noting. At any event, her team once again lost last week (episode 8) and Lou Ferrigno got the axe. This left Team Forte with just three members and Team Unanimous with five.

Donald Trump made the decision to move Clay Aiken over to Lisa's team to balance things out. He probably took notice just how much Arsenio and Clay were getting along and wanted to split them up. This works out in Aubrey's favor, because she would have been dead in the water if the team was left with Clay, Arsenio, and Aubrey down the road.

This week both teams are taking on their toughest challenge yet; creating a puppet show with the help of some people from The Jim Henson Company.

Lisa took on the role of Project Manager for her team, while Paul Teutul took the reigns for Team Unanimous. Paul was at a disadvantage due to a sore back, which ended up working against him in more ways than one.

Dayana and Lisa Go At It Once Again

It seems as though Lisa has had it in for Dayana Mendoza the entire year. This week she goes ape s**t on her once again and accuses her of being selfish and wanting to always be on stage. Dayana ends up walking outside and cries. Penn goes to her aid and you can see that he's losing respect for Lisa by the picosecond for constantly slamming Dayana over any reason she can find. Lisa came off as a raving (you know what) with her f-bombs directed at Dayana. I'm starting to second guess my prediction of Lisa winning the whole thing. Her attitude may do her in.

"Sometimes you just have to be quiet and let them talk", says Penn - after he lets Dayana vent.

They go back in and focus on the task at hand; creating a great puppet show. Penn will be the host, while Lisa and Clay will work the puppets. They end up creating a damn good show, which impresses the folks from the Jim Henson playhouse. Clay and Lisa had awesome chemistry. I'm wondering why Clay isn't an actor. He has some serious skills and a great personality to boot.

Paul Is Project Manager, But Looks Disinterested

It was probably the worst week for it to happen, but Paul Teutel's ailing back put him at a severe disadvantage. His energy level was way down and he just looked disinterested as Project Manager. Normally he would have been one of the puppeteers, but he couldn't lift his arms over his head. Thus, Teresa and Arsenio were thrust into the puppeteer roles, while Aubrey O'Day served as the host.

Of course Aubrey didn't have one positive thing to say about her teammates (behind their backs) once again, but she decided she is going to be less vocal this week so she doesn't get thrown under the bus. This worked in her favor. Teresa and Paul wound up being the ones who would be on the hot seat if they lost this challenge. Their show was good, but not as good as Team Forte's.

Lisa Finally Wins a Challenge

I figured this week that Lisa would be due for a win and either Paul or Teresa would be the odd ones out. Lisa is just simply too talented to keep on losing. And, she let her talents do the talking this week as she and Clay put on a hell of a show. The folks at Jim Henson's company decided they had the better show.

Paul ended up getting the axe this week even though Teresa wasn't well-suited to do improv. But, they had to utilize Aubrey's personality as the host. And, Paul just didn't have it physically with his ailing back. It's a tough break, but when he decided to give Arsenio immunity this week - Teresa and Aubrey threw him under the bus.

Next week we are down to our final seven opponents. They are set to take on an even tougher task. I am predicting that Lisa and Dayana's feud will get really ugly and Dayana will take the high road and leave the show.

Photo of Lisa Lampanelli and Clay Aiken from NBC

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