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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 'The Murder of One'


In last week’s episode, The Murder of One, the gang set their sights on Original-slaying, while Klaus had plans of his own.

12 stakes, 12 chances
At the start of the episode, the Salvatore boys sought Alaric’s help in making white oak stakes from the Wickery Bridge sign. Alaric (Matthew Davis) was seemingly no longer crazy and wanted to turn himself in for the murders that his homicidal alter-ego committed. Unfortunately, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) needed the vampire hunter in their fight against the Originals, so they told him his confession would have to wait. They also advised him to put his magic ring back on, in case the battle turned deadly. (As we would later learn, this was not a good idea.)Vampire Diaries Episode Recap Photo: CW

The Salvatore boys then arranged a secret meeting where they revealed their brand-new white oak stakes. The brothers laid out their plan to separate Klaus from Rebekah so they could kill her -- and her siblings, thanks to the link. The group engaged in some role play to prepare for their upcoming attack.

Homecoming and a witchy interference
Klaus somehow located his traveling brother Finn and asked him to return to Mystic Falls because Klaus had a witch who could reverse Esther’s spell and unlink the Original siblings. (The spell required blood from each of the siblings, hence why Klaus needed Finn.) Finn refused, claiming he would still sacrifice himself if Esther found a way to kill them all, but Klaus and Rebekah managed to drag their brother back home. Once back in Mystic Falls, Finn was reunited with Sage and seemingly began to question his death wish. After Rebekah gave her blood donation, she left to sort out her unfinished business with Damon.

As it turned out, the witch Klaus mentioned was none other than Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham), whom he was holding against her will. Klaus believed Bonnie was stalling on doing the unlinking spell, so he made a phone call to Kol. Klaus then showed Bonnie a video of Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) that his brother shot to let Bonnie know he would kill her ex-boyfriend if she did not complete the spell. Klaus also threw in some threats about finding her mother and sending her back to Bonnie in pieces, to drive his point home. Terrified for Jeremy and Abby, Bonnie did the spell and broke the link between the Original siblings.

It’s all about the bloodlines
Once Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan learned Finn was back in Mystic Falls, he became their new target. Stefan stalked Finn and Sage and waited for the opportunity to dose them with vervain, which he did using their drinks. The duo chased after Stefan and a scuffle ensued where Stefan lost his stake, but Matt (Zach Roerig) and Elena stepped up to finish the job and kill Finn. Unfortunately, Bonnie’s spell had already been put in place, so Finn’s death did not mean the end for the rest of his siblings.

However, it did devastate Sage, who showed up at the Salvatore mansion looking for some payback. But before she and her backup (a vampire she turned) could kill Stefan, they both dropped dead -- literally. Stefan realized that Sage (and all the other vampires turned through Finn’s bloodline) died when he did. This meant the Originals cannot simply be wiped out as planned because it would cause the destruction of the entire vampire species. Now if they want to survive, our characters have to find out which Original started their bloodline. (Conveniently, all the vampires we care about were turned via the same bloodline so they should still be able to kill the other Originals.) And while they hoped Klaus was not their line’s originator, Caroline (Candice Accola) pointed out that Klaus did turn Tyler (Michael Trevino) and killing Klaus would result in Tyler’s death.Vampire Diaries Episode Recap Photo: CW

Revenge torture
After leaving Klaus, Rebekah went on a revenge mission that involved kidnapping Damon and brutally torturing him for her own pleasure. Rebekah wanted to bleed the vervain out of Damon’s system so she could compel him to kill his brother or Elena and get payback for the way Damon treated her. There was a lot of cutting and an added hallucination to keep things interesting, but in the end, Stefan came to his brother’s rescue. After learning of Finn’s death, Rebekah released Damon as a sign of good faith and said the Salvatore brothers would get to continue living if they forked over all of their remaining white oak weapons.

In triangle news…
Elena spent much of the episode worrying about Damon and trying to convince Stefan that their first priority should be getting his brother back from Rebekah. When the dust settled, Stefan and Elena had an intimate conversation where Stefan finally told Elena he still loved her and he blamed himself for the fact that she had fallen in love with Damon. Though Elena still loved Stefan, she was confused about her feelings for this brother. Thus, the saga continues…

Crazy! Alaric struck again
Earlier in the episode, Elena informed Caroline of the role Alaric played in her father’s murder and explained that his dark-side could be controlled thanks to Bonnie’s herbs. Caroline was still upset, but Elena pointed out that Alaric was merely a victim of something supernatural, like the rest of them. Things were still awkward when Caroline was put on Alaric-watching duty to make sure he did not revert to his crazy personality.

After Alaric apologized for killing her father, Caroline explained that they all had blood on their hands and she chose to believe that Alaric could be saved. Sadly, this did not seem to be the case when it was revealed that crazy! Alaric moved the white oak stake left in his possession to an unknown location and the vampire-hating psycho killer now had a weapon that could kill an Original (and everyone in his or her blood.)

Tune in for the next episode on April 19th to see what becomes of crazy! Alaric’s shiny new weapon.



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