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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 7 Recap: Aubrey O'Day Leaves and Dee Snider and Debbie Gibson are Fired


The men's team knocked off the women for the second straight week in Episode 6, but Aubrey O'Day dodged a bullet as she was the project manager on the losing team.

This week's episode was a 3-hour epic, with two challenges and two people getting fired. For the first challenge, both teams were charged with the task of taking photos throughout the city and creating guidebooks, then raising as much money as possible by selling these guidebooks on the streets of Manhattan.

For the second challenge, each team had to come up with a "Walk for Wallgreen's" campaign, where they would host a live event. Of course during part 2, the teams merged after being pared down to the final 10.

The Teams Make the Guidebooks and Hit the Streets to Raise Money

Each team had to take photos throughout the city and put a booklet together. Lisa Lampanelli got fed up when she was the one carrying the team and designing the book. She got pissed when Dayana wanted to put subway info in the book at the "eleventh hour."  It's clear that she has an issue with beautiful women who get everything handed to them in life without having to work for it. She sees Dayana as fitting into this class of women. This is a big part of what her comedy is about and you have to hand it to Lisa - she's right in many respects.

At any event, the women are led by Teresa in this challenge, who doesn't do a whole lot of leading, but lets Lisa and Aubrey do their thing. In other words, it's like every other episode where Lisa and Aubrey assert themselves and carry the team. The rift between Teresa and Debbie Gibson gets nastier and we see it erupt in the boardroom later on.

The men on the other hand continue to build on their recent successes and look for ways to just get it done. They put together a very nice guidebook and then hit the streets to raise money. There is a little snafu when Blue Man Group came by to their tent and put $8,000 of money in balloons, which went into the crowd. This drove Clay insane.

To make matters worse, Arsenio's check from Jay Leno never got there and he failed to raise any money.

What worked in the men's favor was Regis Philbin, who stopped by Trump's lair this week to check out the guidebooks. Philbin approved of the men's over the women's book.

Ultimately, the men raised $15 more dollars then the women thanks to a $20,000 donation from former member Michael Andretti. This resulted in the firing of Debbie Gibson. This is quite a shocker when you consider that Teresa was the PM. Things got really ugly when Teresa told Debbie she basically looked like a hooker with her (you know what) hanging out of her dress. Classy!

Part 2: The Teams Create a Presentation to Walk for Wallgreens

Now that the women have been pared down to just 4 remaining members; it's time to merge the teams now that we're down to the final 10 contestants.

Donald Trump picks Aubrey and Teresa and puts them on a team with Arsenio, Paul, and Clay. He then picks Lisa and Dayana and groups them up with Dee, Lou, and Penn.

Lisa and Penn immediately hit it off. Finally, she gets to work with someone she really respects and bounces ideas off of.

Both teams come up with lively presentations for the "Walk for Wallgreens"aubrey o'day and arsenio fight celebrity apprentice campaign. Throughout this part of the episode, Aubrey O'Day is walking all over Arsenio Hall and doing everything she can to undermine him as project manager. Arsenio loses it in the boardroom and O'Day starts crying like a petulant child after the other teammates agree with him.

Lucky for their team, they win the challenge. Aubrey survives another week, but now the team is turning against her and she knows it. So her response is to bail on the team and exit through the elevator. She claims she can't handle the "negative" environment any longer and leaves. In reality, everyone is calling her out for her BS and she wants to take her ball and go home like the child she is.

Will she return for next week? We shall see. According to her Twitter account she said she stayed on the show.

Dee Snider ended up getting fired, which is pretty lame. I am not just saying it because he was my preseason pick to represent the men in the finale. I still see Lisa taking the whole thing, but Dee was a pretty strong player. It was a tough break for him, but you never know - maybe The Donald will bring Dee back like he did with Latoya Jackson last year.

Now that we're down to 9 or possibly 8 contestants, things will get really interesting next week. Look for Clay, Paul, Teresa, and Arsenio to throw Aubrey under the moving train if she sticks around another week.

Aubrey O'Day is arrogant, bitchy, insulting, manipulative, and overall not a very likeable person. People like that don't ultimately survive on Celebrity Apprentice.

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