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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 10 Recap: Clay Aiken Survives and Penn Jillette is Fired


There were a few surprises last night on Celebrity Apprentice. First, Dayana and Lisa finally got along during a challenge. I had predicted their feud would get uglier and would result in Dayana leaving. Looks like I was wrong on that one!

Last week in episode 9, Lisa finally won a challenge when she and Clay put on one hell of a puppet show with some help from the folks at the Jim Henson company.

This week both teams were charged with the task of creating an in-store display and signature slogan for Donald Trump's "Success" cologne, which would go inside Macy's. This would turn out to be one of the more surprising episodes all year, next to the one where Dee Snider got screwed over and axed.

Clay Aiken took on the role of project manager for Team Forte, while Aubrey O'Day took charge for Unanimous.

Aubrey O'Day Once Again Proves She's Full of Herself

celebrity apprentice episode 10

Aubrey O'Day wasted little time in trashing her teammates behind their backs. She's not only full of herself and narcissistic, but she's egomaniacal.

She decided to put all of her eggs in one basket by putting together the concept for the display, doing most of the work, and dumping the crap-work on Arsenio and Teresa.

Arsenio and Teresa basically phoned it in on this one as they saw through Aubrey's BS. Aubrey also pulls a kiss-ass move by roping in Donald Trump's son Eric to be a model for their display. They take a bunch of photos of him and turn it into a silhouette. The ostensible purpose was obvious - Aubrey wanted to get some brownie points from Eric. There was no other reason to use him in the display despite her claim that she wanted an image of a "young Donald Trump." It was pointless.

The result was a confusing and amauterish display. The only saving grace is they made the slogan prominent, which is a direct quote from Donald himself, "Always trust your instincts."

Aside from that, their display was terrible and looked like it was thrown together by middle school students.

Now onto Team Forte...

Clay Aiken Delegates As Project Manager

Clay Aiken took the helm for Team Forte and decided to delegate all of the tasks to his teammates. Penn came up with the slogan, "You earned it." This turned out to be a horrendous decision, which worked against Clay.

The biggest surprise is that Lisa and Dayana weren't fighting this week. For whatever reason, Lisa decided to fly under the radar and do her best to get along with her. This worked in Lisa's favor when the moment of judgment arrived.

The team came up with a great concept for their display, centered around Dayana's beauty. They took a gorgeous photo of her holding the cologne. The problem was, the signature slogan wasn't prominently displayed. Overall, their display was 10 times better than Aubrey's hot mess.

When I watched the reactions of the judge's faces when they looked at Aubrey's display, it looked like they hated it. Turns out they focused primarily on the slogans for each side.

They thought Aubrey's display was not very creative, but strong on brand messaging. The display that Clay's team came up with was gorgeous and professional, but was a little pompous.

Clay's Team Loses and He Gets Thrown Under The Bus

The judges decided that Aubrey's was the better display. I thought they were dead-wrong when you consider that it looked like it was put together by 7th grade art students, but apparently a good slogan overrides piss-poor artwork.

At any event, Donald asked Clay to take two people back with him and give one person immunity this week. He took Penn and Dayana back into the boardroom and allowed Lisa to go free.

Penn and Dayana promptly threw Clay under the bus, but Donald decided that Penn's slogan was so bad that he was responsible for their defeat. Using his classic line, The Donald layed down the hammer on Jillette: "Penn, you're fired." 

Turns out it had to be Penn. Firing Clay would have been a terrible move by Trump and in the best interests of the show.

Now that Clay survived this week, he has a very good shot at winning the whole thing. Here are my projections for the final 4: Clay and Lisa from Team Forte and Aubrey and Arsenio from Team Unanimous.

According to the previews for next week, it looks like Lisa and Dayana's honeymoon this past week might have been short-lived...

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