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Giuliana and Bill Rancic expecting, Neil Diamond marries, and Robin Gibb out of coma


Giuliana and Bill Rancic expecting
Giuliana and Bill Rancic photo: radaronline.com
Giuliana and Bill Rancic are pretty open about their lives. Thanks to their reality show we’ve seen their ups and downs, which have included their struggle to have a baby and Giuliana’s battle with cancer.

Now the couple is finally has some good news to share—they are going to be parents!!

She won’t be carrying the child herself.  Instead, the couple’s biological child will be born by way of a gestational surrogate. The Rancics recently shared their good news on the Today show, which came as a happy surprise to their fans. The couple does know the gender of the baby, although they are keeping that secret and possible name choices under wraps right now.

Baby Rancic is due in late summer.  Hopefully all goes well and the couple has a healthy baby boy or girl!


Neil Diamond marries
Neil Diamond photo: blogs.orlandosentinel.com
Neil Diamond isn’t just a singer extraordinaire.  He’s also quite a stud!!  

The 71-year-old singer got hitched for the third time over the weekend to his 42-year-old manager Katie McNeil.

His rep has confirmed that family and close friends witnessed Diamond and McNeil tie the knot in a small ceremony in LA. The newlyweds met in 2009 during the making of the documentary Neil Diamond: Hot August Night/NYC, a project that McNeil produced.

Diamond then announced their engagement in September via Twitter, saying, “Good news coming from sunny LA/ and you're the first I want to tell/ Katie & I just got engaged/ and I hope you wish us well. Neil”

It might not be Diamond’s first marriage, but it is for McNeil.  

May the couple have a long and happy marriage.


Robin Gibb out of coma
Robin Gibb photo: realbollywood.com
Things have not bee good for former Bee Gees member Robin Gibb.  He was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and got so sick that he slipped into a coma.  

While doctors thought things were looking less than stellar for the 62-year-old musician, they were given quite a surprise when he woke up!

It had been touch and go for a while, with Gibb having respiratory failure, brain swelling caused by liver failure, sever pneumonia, and an immune system that was weakened by malnutrition in addition to the cancer.

Now the musician is awake, coherent, and able to speak to his family and his doctors.  He’s also able to breathe on his own with the help of an oxygen mask.

Unfortunately what lies ahead for Gibb is not known.  Doctors are trying all they can to ensure that he continues to do well and improve each day.

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Giuliana and Bill Rancic photo: radaronline.com