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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 'Heart of Darkness'


In last week’s episode, Heart of Darkness, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) went on a trip to Denver while Stefan (Paul Wesley) stayed behind to get information out of Alaric’s (Matthew Davis) alter-ego.
Normal, vampire girls 

Caroline (Candice Accola) arrived at school to find some of her classmates hard at work on preparations for the upcoming Decade Dance. Unfortunately for Caroline, the planned theme of the 1970s was tossed aside when Rebekah suggested they switch to the 1920s. When Matt (Zach Roerig) seemingly took Rebekah’s side, Caroline stormed off to let the others do all the work. But luckily for Matt and Caroline’s friendship, the entire fight was staged so Caroline could get out of dance-duty and spend the day with the newly returned Tyler (Michael Trevino) while Matt kept an eye on Rebekah. Vampire Diaries photo: CW

At the end of the day, Matt gave Rebekah a ride home and Rebekah joked that she would have to compel someone into taking her to the dance. Sweet but oblivious Matt missed the giant flashing signs Rebekah was sending his way and failed to ask her to be his date, but that did not damper Rebekah’s happiness at believing she was finally living out her teenage fantasy. Sadly, that happiness was short-lived when Rebekah returned home to find Esther waiting for her.

Rebekah thought about killing mommy-dearest, but Esther informed Rebekah she was already dying. Once Abby was killed, the spell preserving Esther’s body via the Bennett witch-line was disrupted and Esther’s body was weakening to the point of death. In her final moments, Esther apologized to her daughter and took Rebekah’s hands, before collapsing. Klaus arrived seconds later and Rebekah told him Esther was dead. (Or was she?)


Welcome home. You’re going to die.

Caroline welcomed Tyler home with a smile and a lot of sex. Once the lovebirds were all tired out, Tyler explained that despite turning about 100 times in the Appalachian Mountains, he could not be sure if his sire-bond to Klaus was truly broken until he put it to the test. Then Caroline filled Tyler in on the vampire bloodline issue and said that Damon was trying to figure out which Original they were all descended from. If that Original was not Klaus, Damon was determined to kill him, even though it would also result in Tyler’s death. (As far as welcome home presents go, I think Tyler preferred the sex.)

Caroline and Tyler went back to Caroline’s house and Liz agreed to let Tyler spend the night on the couch. Unfortunately, that option lost its appeal after Tyler found the drawing Klaus had given Caroline in his seduction attempt. Though Caroline insisted nothing happened, Tyler’s jealous side was out in full-force and he decided to spend the evening somewhere else. (Honestly Tyler, the only appropriate reaction to learning that the town’s Big Bad gave your girlfriend a secret horse picture is laughter.)

A tension-filled trip 

With Klaus now aware of Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) location, it was time to bring the youngest Gilbert home. At Stefan’s urging, Elena decided to take Damon with her to Denver so she could figure out her feelings for him. The other purpose of said trip was to ask Jeremy to use his powers to communicate with Rose and learn who sired her, so the Salvatores would know which Original to save in order to preserve their bloodline. Jeremy was surprised to see his sister, especially when he learned why she was there. But that shock was nothing compared to learning that his new ‘friend’ was actually Original vampire Kol. Damon managed to subdue Kol long enough for the trio to escape and they chose to hide out in a motel while Jeremy worked on contacting Rose.

Rose appeared rather easily and told them her sire was a woman named Mary, but Rose needed to poke around a bit to learn Mary’s current location, so Damon suggested they get some rest before Rose returned. Said ‘rest’ eventually led to some quiet moments between Damon and Elena that ended in an intense make-out session.  To the dismay of Damon/Elena fans, Jeremy interrupted the duo to tell them Rose found an address for Mary. But by the time they arrived, Kol had murdered Mary so they would not be able to find out which Original created their bloodline.  

After Kol departed (not without bloodshed, mind you) Damon confronted Elena about the true purpose of their trip. Elena told him the truth but pointed out that it was impossible for her to know what she felt for him when he lashed out every time things got difficult. Damon told her she was going to have to work things out on her own because he was not going to screw up and make things easier for her this time around. (We’ll see how long that lasts.)Vampire Diaries photo: CW

It was a good day for the anti-vampire crowd

Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls to wait for crazy!Alaric to make an appearance so they could learn where he had hidden the final white-oak stake. Unfortunately for Alaric, Klaus did not have Stefan’s patience and decided to speed things up by killing Alaric, presuming he would resurrect as his darker self. When that plan failed, Alaric changed tactics. He removed his magic ring and told Stefan to try and kill him, hoping that his alter-ego’s self-preservation instincts would kick in out of fear for his life.

Stefan, now seemingly uncomfortable with the whole torture-thing, kept holding back in his beating of Alaric, though Alaric started bleeding rather heavily. Stefan worried he could not control himself, but Alaric told him to use his bloodlust to tap into his dark-side and get the job done. Stefan’s Ripper-persona must have been pretty scary because crazy!Alaric showed up and Stefan threatened him until he gave up the location of the stake. Of course, Crazy!Alaric hid the stake in the spelled cave no vampire could enter. Rebekah offered to take crazy!Alaric to the cave and retrieve the stake while Klaus stayed with Stefan. Stefan told his former ‘friend’ that he had accepted his dark side and because of that, ‘the Ripper’ could no longer control him. Stefan kicked Klaus out of his home to prove his point.

Over at the spelled cave, Rebekah forced crazy!Alaric to get the stake, but the vampire-hating psycho wanted to make a deal before he gave up his only leverage. Crazy!Alaric told Rebekah that only one Original had to die and if she helped him, he would make sure it was not her. Rebekah refused crazy!Alaric’s plan, casually walked into the anti-vampire cave and said she wanted all of the Originals dead. ‘Rebekah’ then introduced herself as Esther and told crazy!Alaric they had a lot in common.

With Mama Original walking around in Rebekah’s body, presumably making an alliance with crazy!Alaric, it’s a safe bet the Decade Dance is going to continue the tradition of bloodshed practically guaranteed at town gatherings.

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